Friday, August 31, 2012

$hit Hits The Fan!

1) With today's NHLPA retort to the NHL in their negotiations finally given we finally  heard what we have been expecting for the past couple of months. Talks have hit the inevitable impasse position. Although the talks weren't ended acrimoniously in public, we're told that in  the board room things weren't quite so rosy.  Evidently from what sources on both sides have told Fauxrumors, the players retort only was a slight revision from their earlier 4 year proposal. They only were willing to eliminate the final 4th year option of reverting to the current CBA provisions.  Bettman was none too happy with Fehr and told him hat further talks were pointless until the NHLPA was "prepared to negotiate seriously"

2) We're told the NHL was expecting a more significant concession laden offer from the NHLPA. Hoping to then have a back and forth that ultimately would see the players share stay at around 47-48%.  The players quite understandably are not wanting to (again) give in, knowing that in 5-6 years time another 3-5% will again be asked for in the next CBA, and so on down the line until the players will be in the upper 30's within the next 15 or so years

3) So where do we go now?  Likely we'll hear from Gary Bettman that its up to the players to bring a real response so jump start the negotiations.  Its very possible, we're told that Fehr will again refine the players proposal, but will be unwilling to change its underlying framework. Meanwhile neither will the NHL propose any further changes to their last proposal as long as the players refuse to alter their's. So finally after nearly 2 months of negotiations the $hit has finally hit the fan and we're right where we have been saying we'd be for years now. In for another lockout!

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