Saturday, August 18, 2012

Canadiens Diss PK?

1) In what has to be a bit surprising the Montreal Canadiens, through the new GM Marc Bergevin seem to have disrespected (dissed) their budding star defensemen P.K. Subban. Having locked up goalie Carey Price and forward  Max Pacioretty the Canadiens appear ready to lock up their 'core'. However when asked about PK (Pernell Karl- his mom evidently loved the TV show Bonanza) Bergevin wouldn't put Subban into the category of or part of the Hab's 'core'.

2) That raised many eye brows, including ours at Fauxrumors. The kid may not have had the greatest season last year but neither did Price and he got top dollar in a long term deal. It should have been included as one of the  dumb-contracts we discussed early last month.  You would have thought that with all the silly long term deals being given for players in the early 20's that PK would have been included in that group. Reports that he was offered a 2 year 5.5 mil deal were denied by Subban's agent Don Meehan. So what gives?

3) There are (currently subtle) rumblings from the Subban camp that race is part of the equation.  They did not want to discuss this with us when we called, but from talking with folks who refused to go on the record did say that P.K. was infuriated with how he has been treated both by the team's management and the press corps. He believes that if he were a Caucasian Frano-phone instead of a African-Canadian English speaker he'd of been given a long term deal at season's end. Instead they are low balling him with a 2 year 4.8 mil offer.

4) To be fair neither Price nor Pacioretty are fluent French speakers (Pacioretty is an American and Price a native Canadian) so the only other differentiation is skin colour, no?  The Habs know after the Weber incident that they have virtually no worries about an offer sheet.  As we wrote earlier this month in our post rip-offer-sheets we've seen the last of any big offers for RFA's.  Any team making P.K. an offer would only be doing the Canadiens a favour, for they would match anything another club would come up with.

5) The only other possible remedy would be a trade. Now, we haven't heard any specifics BUT Bergevin, we're told, would be open to a deal IF they got another young defensemen back in any trade involving Subban.  Interestingly the DC Capitals have a similar situation developing with RFA John Carlson. 'JC' also is coming off his entry level deal, is highly regarded, but didn't have a great 3rd season, but is asking for a nice raise and management is balking.  A deal could be had BUT GM'GM'(McPhee) would have to ante up much more than a 1 for 1 swap to attain PK.  However it could happen. Stay tuned!

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