Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is 87 History?

1) Well its probably a bit premature to bury Sidney Crosby as being 'done' however as we have written a few times the past few months, and most recently last week, if Crosby were to sustain another concussion it could be career threatening. What was widely reported last week when Crosby was going to take a "precautionary" 2 game rest after having "mild symptoms" was that he and the team were just being careful. Of course we reported that we had heard otherwise. That indeed it was quite likely that Crosby had suffered another setback(concussion) At the time of that post it was still unknown how serious that new situation was. We wrote last week that we would know if/when Crosby failed to return from the 2 game absence if this was more serious than the team/he were letting the media know.

2) Fast forward to yesterday when the team officially announced that Crosby was going to be out 'indefinitely'. Quite a bit of a change/leap from a precautionary couple of days to 'indefinitely'. That had to bring an ominous feel to Penguin supporters. from what we could learn (and the team is being especially tight lipped/quiet even in private) Crosby has been having head aches even without exertion since last weeks game against the Bruins. Recall he didn't have a huge hit(s) in that game but a few what we'd call mundane hockey plays where he was jolted a bit. All neurologists as well as the faux resident medical expert Dr. Varga have told us to be ready for that. Once a player suffers multiple concussions he is very prone to re-injuring himself even with a less-than hard hit directly to the head. Our experts tell us that its unlikely that we'll see Crosby before 2012. Ofcourse that's a mere 2 weeks, but the longer he's out and having symptoms the more unlikely it'll be that he'll ever be counted upon to play much longer if ever. So yes, the end could be very close at hand with respect to Sid. It'll be a sad day for the Penguins and for the NHL. having one of its best players cut so short.

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