Friday, December 9, 2011

Bettman to Drug Test Canadiens GM?

1) In a stunningly stupid move the Montreal Canadiens acquired Tomas Kaberle from the Carolina Hurricanes earlier today. The former Bruins defensemen was signed to a bloated 3 year 12 mil contract this summer which Canes' GM Jim Rutherford admits was a colossal mistake. So what does Canadiens GM do? he picks up the underachieving/over paid defender AND Kabelrle still has another 2 years AFTER this one! We wonder what GM Pierre Gauthier was smoking to do this deal!?!

2) The Hurricanes picked up Jaroslav Spacek, who will be a UFA after this season, in return. For the Hurricanes its addition by subtraction. Eliminating the Kaberle contract was a boon to Rutherford's attempt to possible reshape/adjust his moribund roster. Its amazing he found such a willing partner in Gauthier. Doesn't Gauthier recall how his team (prior to his arrival) picked up another salary cap anchor in Scott Gomez from the Rangers? Just shows that these hockey execs really aren't all that bright, or perhaps are under the influence. ;)

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