Friday, December 9, 2011

Crosby Concussed?

1) Just when it appeared that Sidney Crosby had recovered from his long post-concussion convalescence, the team is sitting their super star the next 2 games "as a precaution". Apparently during Sid's most recent game he had 2 "hard hits" that may have shook up his fragile/sensitive brain to the point where he had brief periods of post concussion symptoms once again. The team is NOT saying he suffered another concussion, but if you take a look at both of the "hits' described to be hard, you have to be concerned with Crosby's long term prognosis. Simply because in my opinion neither was a very significant blow compared to what could be delivered in a typical NHL contest. The first wasn't even a direct blow when he collided seemingly accidentally with David Krejci. In the play Krejci innocently played the puck and spinned to pass it, accidentally catching Crosby in the face with his elbow. There’s no apparent ill intent, no purpose to hurt anyone, it was just a hockey play.

2) Later in the contest Crosby accidentally bumped into teammate Chris Kunitz in another seemingly Innocent, less-than-hard knock. Probably most players sustain hits much worse than this on a regular basis so this has to be an ominous sign. However this should not be surprising to readers of this blog. We pointed out on several occasions how it won't take much to generate another concussion. Our resident medical expert, Dr. Varga has told us as such. Quoting our blog post from 8/29/11. As Eric Lindros, Pat Lafontaine and other former star players who have had multiple concussions have found once they return they seem extra prone to re-injuring themselves. Even hits that appear to be routine/innocuous can have severe consequences. Almost all specialists tell Fauxrumors that were Crosby to sustain another significant event (concussion) its all but sure his career would be over.

3) To have Crosby sit at all has to show he had some symptoms. Although the team denies such a problem and simply being cautious, our insiders tell us that Crosby did not appear to be himself in practice the next day. They also say he may have tweaked his shoulder? Regardless, we now more than ever believe that his career is going to be cut significantly short. Whether its this season or very shortly afterwards we believe Crosby will suffer a career ending concussion and be forced to retire prematurely. I hope and pray that I am Dr. Varga are wrong in that assessment! For the good of the game we hope Crosby plays another decade or more! It remains to be seen if the 2 game absence is extended or not. If so, then you can be sure Crosby is much worse than being reported. Additionally we had already planned a post that we worked on with respect to how the league is going to try to protect Sid. Look for it next week unless the current fluid situation changes for the worse.

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