Thursday, December 1, 2011

Coaching Carousel Continues....

1) In a bit of a bizarre move the Anaheim Ducks abruptly fired head coach Randy Carlyle late last night and replaced him with recently fired Bruce Boudreau. The strangest aspects of this move is not that the Ducks fired Carlyle. The Ducks were off to an absolutely awful start to the season as they sat 14th in the Western Conference. However the team seemed to be trending up a bit lately, and the move was made after a sound 4-1 victory over the Canadiens at Honda Center. Its unusual for a team to fire a coach late in the evening, especially immediately after his team wins a game.

2) So why? Our sources tell us that Ducks GM Bob Murray was contemplating a move for the past couple of weeks, but didn't have a suitable replacement lined up. When Boudreau was fired by the Capitals this past Monday morning Murray thought he might have his man. What also added to the swiftness of the move was the fact that Boudreau was a wanted man. As our sources correctly told us Monday, Bruce was already being courted/contacted by 2 other teams. Both of which were 'North of The Border'. One scout tells us that Boudreau was going to have another job by weeks end somewhere". Thus Murray was forced to act fast, else he'd lose his opportunity. We're told that early yesterday afternoon, after receiving the OK to talk to Boudreau from Caps management, (He had another year on his contract) Murray offered the job to Bruce and a verbal deal was made, but too late in the day for Murray to make his move before game time. We're told Bruce threw a few items into a suit case and was en-route to California even before the official announcement was made early this morning (Eastern time)

3) For Boudreau the timing couldn't be better. Like the Capitals whom he took over for Glen Hanlon in 2007, the Ducks should be better than their record indicates. They can't go anywhere but up. When one of your stars like Ryan Getzlaf goes 14 games between goals it can't fall on the coach, but as always, it does/did. We believe the Ducks will have a bit of a resurgence under Gabby(as we believe they would have anyway). As for Carlyle, don't feel sorry for him folks. For one, he signed a 3 year, multi million dollar extension right before the start of the season. More importantly our very accurate sources tell us some of those teams "up north' who were looking at Boudreau will now set their sites on the former Norris winner/Stanley Cup winning coach. "Don't be shocked to see Carlyle coaching by Christmas" is what one Eastern Conference official told Fauxrumors early today. Yes, the coaching carousel goes round and round.....

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