Monday, September 22, 2008

Coming Soon..Boring Hockey!

1) This in the news today. We read from the mirtle blog this afternoon that: "In addition to downsizing goaltending equipment and mandating more offensive-zone faceoffs, particularly on the power play, the NHL is emphasizing yet another obstruction-type crackdown this season" Additionally quoting the Mirtle blog: "Being targeted this season are using your hands to impede players and pinning players up against the boards. "There won't be grappling Ducks coach Randy Carlyle says. Obstruction, in other words.

2) OK, does anyone recall the first few months of the 2004-2005 season? Yes, it was power play after power play. Incredibly boring hockey. It was akin to a "half court game' for you basketball fans out there. There is almost NO FLOW in those kind of games. Sure scoring might increase marginally, but this kind of faux-increase in scoring does NOTHING to make the games appear better. Overall there won't be any increase in even strength scoring (like then) and as soon as the rules are relaxed, we'll be right back to where we were before.

3) It remains to be seen if the other aspect (reducing goalie equpt size) has any significant effect. That at least is a positive step in our opinion. We'd like to see the size reduced to where it was pre 1990, perhaps even 1980. For instance, does a goalie need a glove quadruple the size of his hand for 'protection'? All goalie equipment should be for protection, NOT stopping pucks. The technology is there to significantly reduce the size of pads without reducing the safety for the players involved.

4) Hopefully once the silly/inane 'crackdown' runs its course the NHL will institute real reforms to increase the excitement of games. One we have advocated is decreasing the punishment for fighting. It should be encouraged NOT discouraged. Fans love this aspect of the games, and even with less scoring, it enhances the intensity of games exponentially! We will stay on top of these issues, and have updates as the season progresses!



1) Thanks for upstaging us FR2! We like your post better than ours! LOL

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) Sorry FR, we couldn't wait on this story. It pissed us off to read so we neeeded to react!

hawk said...

How cute. Now your talking with yourself on your own blog.

We all know you are all one person blogging here


Jibblescribbits said...

I think the problem was the adjustment for the players. Refs were strict in order to get the players to get tough, then relaxed a little once the year rolled around.

This time around they have the preseason to establish that code, so hopefully it won't be quite as pronounced.

Where the real change needs to come (if you think it should come) is at the AHL level. AHL refs need to enforce the obstruction rules more strictly so that when players come into the NHL they aren't used to being able to get away with it


1) Hawk: Always we appreciate your take/unintended humor. LOL
2) Jibble: WE are always dubious of rule changes that involve discretionary calls by the officials. They seem to do better when things are cut and dry as opposed to subjective.
3) We agree that the players/coaches will adjust to any real or faux crack down on obstruction. Real increases in offense(if an increase is necessary) will only come with either an increase in net size OR a significant reduction in goalie equipment size. The other rules changes are more cosmetic than anything else.

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