Monday, September 22, 2008

See, We Told Ya So!

1) The latest in the never ending soap opera that is the Radulov case took another (predictable) turn over the weekend. As we wrote on this very blog last Friday we felt the optimism that this issue might be resolved with the KHL agreeing the arbitration would be deserved ONLY after we heard WHERE the case would be heard. Quoting ourselves from last week:"As we wrote/responded on the well written puckstopshere blog we would feel this was positive ONLY until we hear WHERE this case is going to be heard. (The NHL Never wins in Russian courts and the Russians never win in North America) Until then we are dubious of their intentions, that this move by the KHL may have been an honest attempt to end this dispute with the NHL or it could be mere window-dressing designed to paint itself as the good guy. "

2) Which leads us to yesterday news that the NHL and KHL do not agree on the proper forum to have Radulov’s case arbitrated. The KHL wants arbitration to take place in Russia, the NHL is insisting on the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, Switzerland. Here’s an article from explaining the CAS. The Russian position is no surprise. KHL Prez Alexander Medvedev himself said back on September 8 he believed Radulov’s case would be heard in Russia. WE also have said from the start that w would know when both sides were ready for real discussions and the posturing is over when both agree to have a REAL independent arbiter hear this and other grievances

3) If some in the Russian hockey community are understandably suspicious of American courts ability to be fair, why can't they see the NHL might be similarly suspicious of a Russian arbitrator to handle the Radulov matter? Settling the Radulov matter should not be about exacting revenge, it should be about having respect for contracts of BOTH sides. As we have written the NHL is not without blood on their hands in the past with respect to picking up signed Euros either. Its long past time to get this settled so a fair transfer agreement is in place!


Lyle said...

I think this will be resolved within the next few weeks. My guess is that the NHL will agree to allow Radulov to play in Russia this season, but he will be required to live up to his contract in Nashville next year. No further punitive action.
For their part the Russians won't hinder any other free agents from coming to the NHL. I think if this gets agreed to you will see a transfer agreement in place by next spring. Both sides are seeing that they need the other

Jibblescribbits said...

This is going to sound kinda weird, but the best case might be asking for a government who doesn't care about hockey and is neutral to both the US and Russia to get involved. Someone in the Southern Hemisphere or something like South Africa, or New Zealand.

The further away the judge is from hockey, the better (IMO) since this isn't really about hockey, but about business.


1) Lyle: We hope you are correct. Certainly what you write makes sense. Its in the interest for all to get this resolved
2) Jibble: Correct, it seems, especially on the Russian side this has political overtones. To save face we agree that your idea of finding an independent arbiter that both sides agree to, with binding results both have to agree to regardless of the outcome, would work best

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