Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2008-09 Favourite/Least Player/Team

1) With the off season winding down (Finally) we decided we'd throw out another discussion/opinion type post for all of you. We invite our readers to join in and give your own list/comment on ours. We did something like this last season. We'll list BOTH of favourite and least favourite players. One of each/team

Anaheim - Favourite: Ryan Getzlaf- Without a doubt the player from the Ducks We'd love to see on our team, big, strong and skilled, with potential to get even better. Honorable mention: George Parros and his moustache Least: Scott Niedermayer- As we outlined a lot last summer we feel his on/off retirement last summer/fall was pure selfishness towards his teammates.

Atlanta - Favourite: Ilya Kovalchuk- The best Russian born player in the NHL not named Ovechkin. Least: Don Waddell- Yes, we know he's not a player, but he is such an inept GM we had to put him on our list.

Boston -Favourite: Zdeno Chara- How could the tallest player EVER to lace em' up NOT be a favourite? He's also pretty dam good, and looks like he's strong enough to beat the crap out of anyone if he chose. Its a good thing for opponents he usually has a calm temperament! Least: Michael Ryder- Jealousy perhaps, but an insane raise (12 mil for 3 years) for a guy who had a crappy year?

Buffalo - Favourite: Derek Roy- Not only is he a pretty good young player, but we can say his name and not have to sound silly like many do when saying the name of former Av's Hall of Fame goalie, who's name has the same spelling. Honorable mention: Andrew Peters. Least: Maxim Afinogenov- Great name, and has oodles of talent, but has never been able to put it together.

Calgary - Favourite: Dion Phaneuf. Yes, we know he's one of the most hated players in the NHL, but toughness, skill, youth, scoring touch, you name it, the kid has it. You always know when this guy is on the ice. Announcers seem to love to say his full name each and every time he comes near the puck. Least: Todd Bertuzzi- Even before the Moore incident he wasn't on our top 10 list. Since then he has become a shell of the player he was prior yet has continued to get paid like he was a star.

Carolina -Favourite: Rod Brind‘Amour. With the departure of Cole, our new fav in tobacco country is tough as nails Brind‘Amour. Rod is a fitness freak like Chelios could see him playing into his 40's. Least: Sergei Samsonov- Year in and year out steals his employers money. Gets big bucks for small effort/results. Expect more of the same. Get less for more from Sammy!

Chicago - Favourite: Jonathan Toews- It was no PR move to make the kid the captain at 20. He has all the tools to be a solid if not star player in this league. Least: Nikolai Khabibulin- Parlayed 2 great months in 2003 into a ridiculous mega contract which he has never earned. He may be gone before the season begins

Colorado - Favourite: Joe Sakic. (We assume he'll be back) Can't argue that he's the best leader in the NHL since Yzerman left the game. Excellent play maker, passer, excellent at pretty much everything. To think 14 teams past him up that draft year. Of course some of the top 14 were pretty good too (Turgeon/Shanahan) Some were not (McBean, More, Chynoweth) Least: Darcy Fucker. The fact that everyone hates him,(including us) only makes us like him more. As Reggie Dunlap says: " You gotta twist em, fuck with them". Darcy is one of the best at that and more! Unfortunately for him his hockey skills seem to have deteriorated

ColumbusFavourite: Raffi Torres. Another trade we bet the Isles wish they could undo. Red-Dog may have had an off year, but at 25 he's still improving. You also gotta love a guy who can hit like this ! Honorable mention: Rick Nash- One of the best power forwards in the game today Least: Michael Peca- Best days are a decade or so ago.

DallasFavourite: Brenden Morrow-Many were surprised to see the Stars take the 'C' from Modano, but few are questioning the move now. Morrow is the real deal as far as a team leader is concerned. Least Sean Avery- (See Darcy Fucker) The agitator extraordinaire on a new team, and wasted no time ripping his old one. His act is getting old.

DetroitFavourite: Nicklas Lidstrom- A great defenseman who always is there for 'big time minutes' on both sides of the rink. Is so good, you hardly notice him at times. Deserved to be a Hart finalist last season. Speaks better/clearer English than most born this side of the pond. Honorable mention: Tomas Holmstrom. Like Lidstrom gets little notoriety, just does his job, well. Least: Chris Osgood- We don't have huge issues with him, but we didn't like his 'embellishment of the Ribiero contact.

EdmontonFavourite: Erik Cole. Gritty and tough yet puts up points very well. Came back from that nasty neck injury, guys got guts. Also from a place called Oswego, NY. Where ever that is? Honorable mention: Fernando Pisani- We like the name, but also his overcoming a significant medical issue. Least: Denis Grebeshkov- No huge issues, but in his past has appeared to seem like he deserved a roster spot before earning one

Florida - We still miss having Eddie the Eagle to kick around. Will the Miami PD also miss him? LOL. Favourite: Jay Bouwmeester- We have Honorable mention: Richard Zednik- Anyone who can come back after that kind of injury! Least: Tomas Vokoun- We don't hate Tomas, but feel he is over rated and tends to blame his defense/team in the media when things go poorly

Los AngelesFavourite: Anze Kopitar- One of the more exciting players in the NHL. How many are from Slovenia of all places!? Least:None As of this writing so few players are on the roster that its hard to find a least-liked here!

MinnesotaFavourite: Derek Boogaard- (See Fedoryk) The guy runs a hockey fighting camp for kids! Whats not to like! Least:Pierre-Marc Bouchard- No real reason. We just don't like hyphenated first names.

MontrealFavourite: Georges Laraque- With his fists of stone, one of the most feared players in the game, but we can't recall him cheap shotting anyone. Honorable Mention: Saku Koivu: Survived cancer and being captain in Montreal despite NOT speaking French. Least: None.

NashvilleFavourite: Jordin (22) Tootoo- 'The Little Chief'. Has a bit of 'short man syndrome', but he IS only 5'2" after all. Least: Alex Radulov- The prick who broke his contract to play in Russia then has the nerve to complain how Russians are treated in the NHL. Alex, a guy from a former dictatorship should not be complaining of treatment. No one forces players to come to North America.

New JerseyFavourite: Kevin Weekes. He may not be any good, but he sure has an interesting web site devoted to him!. Honorable mention: Brian Gionta- A little man who has made the most of his talent. Least: Martin Brodeur: No, we give him credit for all he's accomplished, we just don't like the whining and undue influence he has to change rules.

NY IslandersFavourite: Mike Comrie. We can't but respect a guy who's getting this. That said, he's mediocre as 1st line forwards go. Least:Rick DiPietro- The goalie-for-life exudes arrogance in our opinion. Has the tools to be a top 5 goalie in the league, but his incessant wandering/over playing the puck leads to issues for his team and his health

NY RangersFavourite: Colton Orr- With that last name you may think he'd have skill at more than this There had to be a reason why a guy who has NEVER been double digits in points at any level, is in the NHL. Least: Dan Girardi- We feel he's done a terrible job managing the Yankees this season! ; )

Ottawa – We will miss Ray Emery. The man is just so entertaining, he fought Buffalo's Peters in full goalie gear, gets suspended for using his stick as a hatchet . That was more than enough to get on the list. Favourite: Dany Heatley- Despite his reckless past he's one of the best/most exciting players to watch in the game today. Least: Jason Spezza: Despite having tons of talent, we just don't see fire to win in him. We wouldn't have paid him the mega bucks the Sens are set to pay for his services!

Philadelphia Favourite: Danielle Briere- Hey, how could we not still root for the girl? She hasn't quite lived up to the 10 million dollar salary, but it's probably buying plenty of makeup! Least: Steve Downie: When you resort to sucker punching a guy who is 5'2" and with cancer you're a dick.

PhoenixFavourite: Shane Doan- We feel he's over rated /overpaid, but anyone who can put those Froggy buggers in the Quebec Media/politics in their place, is OK in our book! Honorable mention: Todd Fedoruk. Have to have respect for a guy who keeps getting his Skull Kicked IN yet just keeps coming back for more more, and more............ Least: Ed Jovanovski- Very over rated/paid in our opinion

PittsburghFavourite: Miroslav Satan- We really didn't want to pick him, but the Devil made us do it! Honorable mention. Pascal Dupuis- Love hearing announcers sound silly saying his name. Least: Sid Crosby- He may be one of the best players in the game today, but sorry Pen fans, we can't get by all the Gretzy-esque whining.

San JoseJonathan Cheechoo. One of the best 'Chiefs'. When they combined Cheech with Big Joe his potential was finally realized. Should be back on the war path again this year! A bargain at 3.0 mil! Should have held out for more wampum! Least: Robert Blake. (Not Baretta) His past due date has long since past, yet is mysteriously still looked upon as a top 4 defensemen?

St. LouisFavourite:John Davidson-Yes, he no longer plays, but he is one of the more enjoyable hockey people to listen to. Knowledgeable without arrogance. Least: Keith Tkachuk. Now 12 years removed from his last 50 goal season. Keith has parlayed his past success into big money contracts which he hasn't lived up to. He's set to steal another 4 mil from the Blues this year. Eventually someone will realize you don't win with this bum on your team!

TampaFavourite: Marty St. Louis. Probably one of the best undrafted players of the last 25 years. At barely 5'4" you can't but be impressed. One wonders how confused fans would be if he played for the Blues? Least: Chris Gratton- One of the most over rated players the last 10-15 years.

Toronto- Favourite: With the departure of Darcy Fucker our new Leaf fav was Brian Mccabe. Yes, he was just traded, but we like how he said screw you to Leaf management who wanted him to waive his NTC. He negotiated it so he could have stability. If the Leafs didn't want him to use the clause, they shouldn't have offered it to him! Least: Juri Tlusty- Now that is a double major, game misconduct penalty in the macho world of professional hockey, but that is not any reason to call Jiri Tlusty gay. He might be gay, but who really knows if those tongues consummated their relationship.

VancouverFavourite: The Sedins. Announcers forced to use first names when they are out there. We wonder what would happen if one starts to suck? So far all contracts have been identical(like they are) If they were forced to be separated, would they die ?? Least: Kyle Wellwood-How can a guy who looks like that have any chance? Geez, talk about a beer gut! The puck-bunny is nice, but Kyle no wonder you suck!

WashingtonAlexander Semin. Since his arrival has made the use of the double entendre easy! " Semin all over the ice". "Great release" "Hard shot" etc. Yes, its sophomoric, but entertaining. Honorable Mention: Sergei Fedorov. He's made a lot of money and he's done Anna Kournikova. 'Nough said. Least: Victor Kozlov- Even when he's giving 100% appears to not care. That apparent apathy shows up in his career playoff numbers; 21 games NO Goals!


stevens8204 said...

It was an entetaining list, but can't agree with your putting that punk Phaneuf on a favorites list. He's one of the dirtyest players in the game today

Antzmarching said...

This may be your most creative and/or amusing post of all-time... Great job, Faux... I don't even specifically care which players you selected for the categories - its been entertaining...

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