Monday, September 8, 2008

Go Away Foppa!

1) Yes, the title may be a bit harsh and sound like we dislike Peter Forsberg. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact we have been very big fans of the Swede. In his prime, he had been one of the better players ever to come from his country, and was a dominating force in the NHL, especially in the mid-late 1990's.

2) However in recent years injuries have significantly slowed down his effectiveness. Last season we were hearing all sorts of stories of where he would end up. Yes, we were part of that as well. As we were told one thing from one source then another story from another source. Peter had us all guessing (literally) where he'd end up playing IF he could/wanted to. Unlike his countryman Mr. Sundin, Peter had/has an actual reason for delaying his decision. He has a chronic foot issue that seems to not want to heal/is aggravated by the rigors of competitive hockey.

3) It is for this reason that we implore FOPPA to finally announce that he is done. To squash the rumors NOW (well, Eklund will undoubtedly continue them when he has the need to conjure up something) before the season starts. Its not like Peter needs the money. His career nhl-salary income is staggering. Certainly its enough to make 99.9% of the world comfortable for a few lifetimes. However well over and above that he has probably made MUCH more than that from a nice/smart investment a few years back in crocs. That income is beyond staggering we have read and is still pouring in with little to no effort!!

4) With those facts in front of him and having done/accomplished everything one can do in pro hockey (Stanley Cup, gold medal, personal achievements, etc) combined with his injury issues AND financial security for life, it would seem its time to get out now Peter before you suffer permanent injury. Yes, FOPPA, its time to go away!


Dr. George Varga said...

I'm not privy to his medical issues I'd have to say I disagree with your conclusion. If Peter feels he is up to playing it shouldn't matter how much money he has acquired in the past. You have made a valid point that he doesn't need the money, but having seen him play last season on quite a few occasions, when healthy he can still contribute even if he isn't the dominating player he once was.

Jibblescribbits said...

If he wants to play and he's healthy it's his decision...

Let's just hope this isn't a media shitstorm like the Sundin fiasco has become.


1) Jibble. That's precisely why we wrote this. We don't want another season long soap opera We probably should have titled the post "Swede fatigue", and written how he and Sundin will be the headlines for hockey writers until one of both decide what they are going to do
2) However we didn't want to put Foppa in the same class as Sundin. Mats appears to be healthy, just indecisive. If Peter was healthy we'd bet that he'd be playing.

The Co-Pilot said...

If Forsberg is healthy to play I'd sign him in a minute. Who cares how much money he's made.

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