Thursday, September 18, 2008

Burke In Bind?

1) As most who follow hockey regularly already know, the Ducks are actively trying to unload Mathieu Schneider. They have made no bones about him being available. Then earlier this week they placed him on waivers. Making him available (for free) to any team that might be interested in the 39 year old NY,NY native who is set to make 5.625 this season. This move not being made because Mathieu isn't wanted, but the Ducks are in desperation mode to add offense, wanting to add Teemu Selanne. To do this they have to trim payroll, and Schneider's bloated salary is the logical target. Right now the Ducks are $3.05 million above the NHL's $56.7 million salary cap.

2) However the wrench now thrown into this plan is the fact that Schneider cleared waivers. Lets re-phrase that statement: ALL 29 TEAMS PASSED ON SCHNEIDER! He was available for the taking without having to give up another asset. Now, we come to Mr. Burke. Late Wednesday after Schneider cleared waivers he said this: "Schneider would not be going on re-entry waivers." This means the Ducks will NOT demote him (allowing a team to have him at 1/2 his salary), makig him more attractive for teams. So IF teams passed on him for free AND the Ducks aren't willing to demote (put him through re-entry waivers) who would want him in a trade?

3) This will undoubtedly provide fodder for all kinds of new rumors. We're sure Eklund will have half of the NHL involved in a Ducks trade before all this is said and done. We will surely hear such crap like this: "Does this mean that it will be a multi player deal", etc? All kinds of names will be thrown into the mix we're certain. So in an effort to get out in front of this we called around to folks who actually know what is likely to/could happen. Almost all said that the most likely scenario we might see is what happened when the Devils/Lamarello moved Malakhov 3 years ago. They 'traded' him to the Sharks along with a draft pick in exchange for the salary cap relief and a minor leaguer who had zero chance of being an NHL-er. At least here the player traded for cap relief will actually play/contribute. So its still possible Mathieu will get moved afterall IF Burke is willing to part with a draft pick and accept a warm body/used hockey bag in return. We're told to NOT expect any block busters in this.


Jibblescribbits said...

I imagine Kevin Lowe called up and said "I'll take him off waivers... PSYCH!!!" and hung up giggling


1) Thats VERY funny, but we wouldn't be suprised!

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