Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Annual Award For Sucking!

1) The NHL will conduct its Draft Lottery today, Tuesday, April 15th. The lottery will take place in-studio with NHL deputy-commissioner Bill Daly revealing the results live on-air. This will be the 7th time the draft lottery will been aired live on television since the 'Crosby Draft' of 2005, and for only the 8th time in 18 years. The 2014 Philadelphia, PA draft Lottery, live at 8pm The lottery will also be simulcast live on the TSN.ca, NHL Network, NHL.com.  The bottom 13 (non-playoff) teams in the NHL will be eligible for the lottery, where odds are weighted by least amount of regular season points.  (It is normally 14 but the Devils lost their pick due to their punishment in the Kovolchuk contract idiocy a few years back

 The Devils will still receive the 30th overall pick a lessening of the original penalty where they were to get NO pick at all. The Devils will still be included in the lottery drawing with the same odds that would have normally been assigned to the club. In the event the Devils win the lottery, a re-draw will be conducted to select a different recipient of the first overall selection in the first round. Like last year tonight's lottery will feature the format where EVERY non playoff team (other than NJ)  could potentially WIN the lottery and the top overall pick. Representatives from each of the 14 teams eligible to win the first overall pick will be in attendance: Here's the breakdown: The top-seeded Buffalo Sabres (25.0%) have the best chance of winning the lottery, followed by Florida Panthers (18.8%), Edmonton Oilers (14.2%), Calgary Flames (10.7%) and New York Islanders (8.1%). The Vancouver Canucks (6.2%), Toronto Maple Leafs (3.6%), and Winnipeg Jets (2.7%) complete the group of five Canadian teams with a chance to choose #1overall  Daly will reveal the results in reverse order, alongside representatives from the league's five teams most likely to win the lottery.  

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