Monday, April 14, 2014

Racism Alive and Well in Canada?

1) While we dislike throwing the r-word-Racism around we have to at least entertain that it may be playing a role in what we are seeing with respect to 2 talented players (of color) playing in two different cities north of the border.  Also to be fair, blatant racism in hockey isn't confined to Canada.  Who can forget the myriad of racist tweets Joel Ward received after he and his Capitals team dispatched the Bruins a couple of seasons back, or Wayne Simmmonds  receiving racist chants while playing in the Czech Republic during  last year's the lock out.

2) That said, we have been monitoring with increasing curiosity the fates of two very talented players who in our opinion are getting an unfair rap.  Both possess oodles of talent. One has already received a major award for best at his position.  Yet both are not looked upon by their local press favourably. The two players we're referring to are P.K. Subban in Montreal, and Evander Kane in Winnipeg.  In the case of the ladder, our interest was first aroused last year when Kane signed a lucrative extension. Afterwards he was spotted posing atop a hotel in Vegas sporting wads of currency.  Now if it were a Caucasian (non Euro) it would have been laughed off, or at least dismissed as boys being boys, etc. But in the Winnipeg press you would have thought that Evander was brandishing a weapon or doing coke in the photo.

3) More recently Kane was actually a healthy scratch for the first time in his career as the trade rumors swirl around Winnipeg as if the kid is soly responsible for the franchises failures to make the postseason (again) Meanwhile in Habitant-land for Mr Subban  the relationship between he and coach Michel Therrien continues to erode just a little bit more each night. He has actually benched his star defender for more than 10 minutes with games on the line. We understand its argueable/understandable to hold Subban accountable for his mistakes, but Therrien seems to delight in picking on him while letting other culpable players off the hook. With Subban’s contract coming up this summer, there’s reason to think he might be looking for a way out rather than a home run.  

4) It seems that with respect to both players negativity surrounds them regardless of how they are performing.  Subban despite his short comings is still the defending Norris trophy defender. No, he's not Larry Robinson, but he's not  exactly Rory Fitzpatrick either.  He deserves FAR more respect than he receives. Would he were he Caucasian?  Certainly if he were Francophone he would, but one has to believe that at least part of the reason he is being treated subparly is due to his skin color.  With respect to Kane, he acts no differennt than many young up and coming professional sports stars. A bit reckless, but nothing overly offensive.  However Kane, like Subban is many times being singled out.  The difference?  You make the call. Our  opinion is that racism is alive and well north of the border (like everywhere)

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