Saturday, April 19, 2014

Junk Calls?!?

1) In a bizarre series of events early on in the NHL playoffs two individuals were fined for 'junk' manipulating. "Junk" is a euphemism for the male 'package' nuts and bolts, you get the picture?  First the above pictured Joel Quenville was fined $25,000 after the coach was enraged.   At the end of the second overtime, the Blues escaped what looked to be a clear delay of game penalty. Quennville responded by going ballistic with his mouth and exploring his nether regions with his hand — a dramatic 1-2 punch only a pro can make look cool. His heroics were wasted, though, as St. Louis went on to win in the third extra period.

2) Meanwhile last night Boston Bruins Bruins forward Milan Lucic got away with a blatant spear to the groin area of Detroit Red Wings defenseman Danny DeKeyser on Friday, but the NHL today reviewed the incident.  DeKeyser escaped injury on the play so Luicic got a mere slap on the wrist(better than a spear to the groin) and was fined $5,000.  So the message the NHL disciplinarians have sent the league is that its more egregious to grab your own junk than to spear an opponent's. Dicks

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