Sunday, April 27, 2014

Miller's Stock Plummets!

1) With the ouster of the St. Louis Blues from the NHL playoffs the Ryan Miller experiment comes to a premature and disappointing ending.  It was expected that the acquisition of the former Sabre/US Olympic team star was the missing link in the Blues march toward their first Stanley Cup.  While Miller wasn't a direct reason why the Blues didn't advance, he wasn't the difference maker helping them to get into the next level either.  In the last game he faced 27 shots and let in 5 goals for a poor .815 save % and finishing the 6 games with a poor (for the playoffs) save % of 901.  Compared to Tuuka Rask's .961 his stats are very ordinary, and you can see  why some would ask couldn't former Blues goalie Jaroslav Halak have done as good if not better??

2) With that in mind we believe that Ryan Miller may have lost several million dollars in the up coming free agent market.  Teams may now think twice to give the UFA big money/ term to the soon to be 34 year old East Lansing, Michigan native.  If he had led the Blues to at least the Conference Finals (Final 4) we believe he would have received many offers of in excess of 5-6 mil/5+ years from teams feeling they are on the cusp of winning it all. Feeling they are a goalie away from making that step (Like the Blues this spring).  With today's, and the last 2-3 weeks results, we and many teams may be rethinking the worth of Miller and he may find his options and the amount of the UFA offers less than what he expects

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