Sunday, May 13, 2012

WE Suck!

1) Wow, have we been way off this playoffs in our predictions!!  In past years we have done extraordinarily well in predicting not only the eventual winner, but the number of games in each series. This season, not so much.  In the 1st round we went a piss-poor 4-4 of the 8 series played. Following this in the most recent divisional semi finials we did even worse, going 1-3 in the 4 second round. Only correctly predicting the rangers advancing.

2) Now, to defend ourselves who predicted that we'd see the Coyotes playing the Kings for the Western Conference crown?  If any of you can site a writer/blogger who did we will give them this years Faux award as the smartest hockey writer of the year!!  LOL  In the East the Devils-Rangers set up is not quite as surprising although we are surprised there is no team from Pennsylvania in the 3rd round (it didn't help that they played each other in the 1st round).  We will attempt to do better in the predictions of the final 3 series going forward. Look for that post to be out shortly!!
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