Sunday, May 13, 2012

Round 3 Predictions

1) As we wrote earlier today we have been utterly brutal in trying to predict the 2012 edition of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. We vow to do better from here on in. LOL  Too bad we only get 3 more attempts to right the ship.  Big series to come for sure but we won't even get back to .500 even if we ace the "midterm and final".  Oh well, time to move on so here goes....

2) (1) NY Rangers-VS- (6) NJ Devils: Many are going to look towards the regular season and all the nastiness that took place as a reason to expect the same when the puck drops tomorrow night, but outside of a statement scrap or 2 we don't think this will be any more penalty filled than the past 4 series combined have been for these two teams as they vie for Eastern supremacy.  While the Blue shirts will have the home ice advantage in (probably both arenas) in this series, we feel the major issue here may be fatigue. While NJ has had almost a week to recuperate from the last series when they dispatched the pitiful Flyers in 5, the Rangers are just 2 days removed from their second consecutive 7 game marathon series victory. One that we believe will take its toll as the series proceeds.  On paper the Rangers seem to have the edge at almost every position, but we believe that the Devils will exorcise the curse of 94, and go on to compere for their 4th Cup since that tough to swallow defeat.
Devils in 6

3) (3) Phoenix Coyotes-VS- (8) LA Kings: The Yotes are Kings are BOTH riding feel good/cinerella stories. One's glass slipper will be lost while one will fit right int the Finals.  Both are improbable Final 4 participants, but the Coyotes have to be the most unexpected of all. Riding the golatending of Mike Smith. Who? Yes, the same Smith would couldn't stop a beach ball in Tampa bay for 3 years.  The Kings, although the lower seed here have arguably been playing the best hockey of any playoff team. Seemingly easily beating the top seeded canucks and then 2nd seed Blues in quick order. Why should we expect the Coyotes to put up more of a fight than the canucks or Blues?  Quick appears ready for prime time. The trade with Philly that brought Richards is paying big dividends.  Dustin Brown has been amazing. Oh and Drew Doughty is a pretty good defensemen too. LOL Al in all we'd say that the Kings will handily move on again.  No Coyote Ugly wins this series folks.
Kings in 5

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