Monday, May 14, 2012

Ovechkin Pushes Hunter Out the Door!?!

1) In a stunning development in Washington 'interim head coach Dale Hunter has "stepped down" as boss of the capitals.  GM George McPhee made the announcement this morning. Now, as always there is the "official word/press release", and there is the truth/untold story.  The official word(bullshit) is that dale was the one to step aside to be with family and his team (he owns the London Knights-now in the memorial Cup) and farm/businesses. 

2) The biggest stunner here is that Dale fundamentally changed the style and even approach the capitals took into their game. While his predecessor Bruce Boudreau attempted a more defensive style when goal scoring slowed the team was so accustomed to the 'run and gun' that few bought into it. Especially their 'captain', Alex Ovechkin.  When their personalities started to abut Boudreau's days were instantly numbered.  When Hunter first came in he was patient. He didn't instantly try to change the team into his image but slowly instituted it over time. By season's end and into the post season it appeared that some light at the end of the tunnel was apparent. However, the inevitable conflict with the team's pampered super star captain became public when Hunter severely cut down Ovechkin's playing time. It particularly irked #8 that he was playing less and the team was winning. 

3) We are told from excellent sources that Ovechkin's parents went over McPhee's head, strait to owner Ted Leonsis to voice their displeasure in how they felt their son was being marginalized by the newbie head coach.  To them they didn't see Hunter as an NHL/Capitals legend, but another coach who could/should be manipulated for their son's career advancement.  Now, as long as Hunter was winning Leonsis wasn't going to say anything, but when the Caps failed to advance past the 2nd round(again) he informed his GM of his 'preference' of the team finding a new coach.   Hunter, we're told while would have been keen on returning to finish what he started, wasn't totally disappointed to be relieved of having to 'coddle that piece of shit' as Hunter has confided with close friends when referring to the Russian (former) super star.

4) So where do the Caps go from here?  Our NHL sources tell us that with his 'coach killer' moniker firmly stamped on him Ovechkin's antics will make it difficult for George McPhee to convince any veteren coaches to come and take over.  " They'd be nuts to enter that hornets nest" is what one western conference scout told us this morning.  WE wouldn't be shocked to see their entire coaching staff dismissed and a whole new crew brought in by July.  Most likely it will be another AHL guy like a Boudreau with decent credentials but who won't have the ego of their captain.   WE at Fauxrumors are sad for Caps fans as it looks like they are destined to intermitable mediocrity. The Rock the Red slogan is getting old fast, but doesn't seem that management is ready to do what is needed; Fundimentally change the atmosphere and significantly reduce the Russian population in DC.

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