Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dead On!

1) We figured we'd toot our own horns about our prediction accuracy in the Conference Finals. Especially when we also gave ourselves heck for doing so poorly in the first two rounds. only did we get the winners both correct, but we got the correct number of games dead-on in both series! 

2) WE believe that our analysis as to why each team (LA and NJ) would advance was also 'dead on' The Devils took advantage of an obviously tired/beleaguered Rangers team who had to endure 2 seven game marathons before getting to the Eastern Conference Finals.  Had the Rangers coasted in one of their previous series we think they would have beaten the Devils. The Devils to their credit beat who they had to beat to get here, but were fortunate to play 3 opponents who for different reasons were 'easy(ier) pickings.
  • The Panthers simply were barely  a playoff team and posed little obstacle to a disciplined team like NJ
  • Philly had just played a very emotional series with their hated cross state rival pens and never seemed able to rekindle the intensity needed to win in the playoffs
  • The aforementioned Rangers were physically done by the time NJ saw them.
3)  Meanwhile as we wrote about the Western Conference Final, we believe we had a situation where the Coyotes over achieved all season and into their first 2 rounds were going against a team (Kings) who underachieved all season long and finally were playing to their potential once the playoffs commenced. Therefore we didn't think the Yotes would be much of a challenge for LA, since the Kings also had little trouble beating the top 2 seeds in The canucks and Blues.  The Kings appear to be peaking at the right moment.  More on the them i our Finals prediction upcoming this week, but in the mean time we're enjoying our successful 'dead-on' Conference Finals predictions!   Can we continue the streak? Stay tuned!

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