Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week 21-Results

1) Week 21 is over. The results produced an OMG to Fauxrumors. Eight of nine road teams won last night!! You read that correctly, the road team won all but one contest yesterday. We can't recall that happening on a busy Saturday anytime recently. No excuses, but comeon'!! For the day/night understandably we didn't fare well, going 2-7! We even F'ed our Lock of the Week. Our overall record is now 140-110 or a .560 winning %. Our locks record falls to 17-4. We will be back next Saturday for week 22 when 11 games are up for grabs as we attempt to get back on winning ways!

2) Look for a couple of upcoming posts this week. One concerns the recent firing of Ron Wilson and the curious circular(or other shape?) movement of coaches this season. Additionally loo for another post where we will have another take on one of our pet-peeves, the rewarding of losing!

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