Monday, March 19, 2012

Next Hart Trophy Winner Not Best Player On His Own team?

1) As crazy as it sounds that's exactly what we could be looking at with respect to Evgeny Malkin and Sidney Crosby. It could easily be argued that Geno is the odds on favourite to win this years league MVP(Hart). Given his season totals and his teams' success we could hardly argue with that choice. Among the other candidates Stamkos' team appears to not be headed for the playoffs. Giroux missed a bunch of games and trails Malkin in point totals. Henrik Lundqvist, our favourite a month ago, has fallen a tad (as has his team recently). Leaving Malkin as our current choice to carry home the hardware this June.

2) Amazingly, Evgeny, while being the best player in the NHL this season is NOT the Penguins best player! With the return of Sid The Kid the Penguins now can boast the best 1-2 punch down the middle among any of the other 29 teams. If he played 82 games we would have little doubt that Crosby's talent would propel him to be league MVP/leading scorer. Obviously he can not do that this season, but his immense talent remains and the Penguins, already a Cup candidate without him, are now the Fauxrumors odds on favourite to win it all this year!

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