Wednesday, March 14, 2012


1) That's the word that's been talked about VERY quietly among many around the NHL with respect to the soon to be returning Sidney Crosby. Several of our valued sources have told us (on the QT ofcourse) that they and many others feel that the word is out from the top levels of the NHL that "Sidney Crosby is NOT to be touched". In other words beware of trying to line up the superstar Pens center for anything but a mild to moderate body check and be certain you stay far from his noggin! From what we can discern any player that appears to intentionally target Sid with a hit that is even on the edge of legal could face one of the stiffer fines/suspensions this side of Don Murdoch/Chris-Simon- . A 40+ gamer wouldn't shock anyone if it appears Crosby's career is threatened by such an incident. Even if the player is a first time offender.

2) So what might this mean for the league and Crosby? Well firstly for #87 we fully expect a return to form! He already is the best/most talented all around player in the NHL. With added room to maneuver he will be down right deadly. Multi point games will probably be the norm and if he avoids any new injuries and plays the remaining 12 or so and playoffs we would expect Crosby to help propel the Pens towards the Cup Finals. (It won't hurt that the pens already have the odds on favourite to win the Hart in Malkin) As for the rest of the league, coaches will have to decide how to try to stop Crosby. Our source added that even stick fouls would likely be called very closely with regard to Crosby who already has a league-wide rep for dives. So how long will these 'unwritten/stated rules' apply? Minimally through the remainder of the regular season. It'll be tough for the league to do this in the post season when money is on the line?? Opposing GM's might stay mute about the special treatment that Crosby will be getting during the regular campaign, but you can bet you bottom dollar that the volume will be turned up quite a bit if a team sees any preferential treatment going to the Penguin's during a playoff series!

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