Monday, March 5, 2012

Isosceles Triangle in Coaching Carrosel

1) In yet another bizzaro move in the realm of coaching changes, the Toronto Maple Leafs relived Ron Wilson of his coaching duties this past Friday. Now for the record we agree with the move. In our opinion (and we have stated it many times before) we don't think Wilson is a particularly effective head coach. He has a tendency to alienate his players and while he is usually prepared, he doesn't seem to get every thing out of his teams(s). This is what we wrote about Wilson last summer'" Has had 4 extended stops as an NHL head coach. Amassing an impressive regular season win totals that ranks him 7th all-time. However he is the epitome of an underachieving coach. His teams have missed the playoffs 9 times in 17 seasons behind the bench. In his 8 post season appearances he made it past the 2nd round once; making the Finals with the Capitals in 98'. As one scout told us, " No one knows there X's and O's better, but he's hard to like. WE have to say that despite his W's, we don't either." This issue we have here is the timing. The 56-year-old Wilson signed a contract extension in December and will be paid through the end of next season. Wilson had a 130-135-45 record with the Maple Leafs. In 1,401 career games with Anaheim, Washington, San Jose and Toronto, he has a 648-561-91 record with 101 ties.

2) The next interesting twist is whom was Wilson's replacement. None other than Randy Carlyle taking over with 18 games left in the season. Burke and Carlyle were in charge of Anaheim when the Ducks won the Stanley Cup in 2007. Carlyle will be tasked with getting the Leafs into the postseason for the first time since 2004. For those keeping score at home (and you know you are) the Isosceles Triangle of coaching changes started in Washington on November 28th 2011 when Bruce Boudreau was canned by the Capitals. Two days later Randy Carlyle was fired by the Anaheim Ducks and promptly replaced by recently fired Caps bench boss Bruce Boudreau. Fast forward to Friday and Ron Wilson was fired and replaced by the former Duck coach Randy Carlyle. Keeping in mind that Wilson has coached BOTH the Anaheim Ducks (their first head coach) as well as the Washington Capitals coach who brought them to the only Finals appearance in 1998, thus completing our coaching isosceles triangle. (Or is it a rhombus)?


anky said...

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Thanks Anky for your humerous input LOL

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