Monday, October 31, 2011

Sorry, But Its Dumb and Dumber!!

1) OK have a few things to talk abut with respect to them being "dumb". First thing is the Canadiens firing their "ASSISTANT" coach. That's right, they didn't fire the GM who assembled the team. Nor did they fire the head coach who is responsible for team discipline/readiness/systems, etc. Instead they chose to fire a lowly assistant, Perry Pearn. Pearn was in his third season as a Habs asst. Apparently helping with the PP unit. So because the team was off to a poor start and the PP was struggling they thought the best way to jump start the team was to fire a guy who was minimally responsible for that bad start. I guess suddenly he became stupid and didn't know how to organize the PP unit after 2 pretty good seasons with the extra man? Sorry, but that's DUMB!

2) Next thing on my pet peeve list are bloggers and professional hockey writers making prognostications of whom will win the various NHL trophies. Now, we find it inane to do it prior to the mid way point, but now we're seeing it done before most teams have played 10 games!!! Come on already! How meaningless can one get?!? I find it incredible enough that my bloggers are writing posts postulating who the 'early favourites' are in the various categories, but we read with amusement Scott Burnside's latest article handicapping who will win the Jack Adams award for coach of the year. Add the fact that its one of the more meaningless awards and its still freaking October!! Are we so short of items to discuss that we have to dredge/make up inane items of dubious inportance/interest? Sorry, but its dumb!!

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