Friday, October 14, 2011

Shocker: Rick DiPietro Injured!

1) In yet another set back for the NY Isalnder's 'Goalie For Life', Rick DiPietro suffered another significant injury when DiPietro was struck in the mask on a shot by teammate Brian Rolston during practice Wednesday. He underwent tests Thursday where it was confirmed that the Isl;es maligned netminder had indeed suffered yet another concussion. DiPietro has been sidelined by multiple concussions during his career. From our count its at least 4. Twon in 2007, one last season and this latest set back

2) He didn't play in any of New York's first three regular-season games and has played a total of 39 games the past three seasons. The 30-year-old goalie is in the sixth season of an absurdly long 15-year contract with the Islanders. DiPietro missed the majority of the 2008-09 and 2009-10 seasons because of a knee injury following having had surgery on both hips. Additionally, last season, DiPietro was sidelined for several weeks because of broken bones in his face caused by a punch from Pittsburgh goalie Brent Johnson DiPietro was knocked cold by a left hook above his right eye, and the broken bones and also swelling in his knee kept him out of action until March 19.

3) In a related story Pittsburgh Penguins announced that superstar Sidney Crosby has been cleared for contact, the next step in returning to the ice after almost 10 months following multiple concussions last January. Why is this story related? because the Crosby concussion as well as the DiPietro injury did NOT come either fighting or from an 'illegal body check. The things that the media and reflexively the NHL are now trying to reduce. Our point? That in a tough, rough violent sport its inevitable that players will get injured. Unless they want to fundamentally change the game(see Don Cherry's rant) players will get injured.

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