Friday, October 14, 2011

Calm Down and Step Away From The Ledge!

1) OK folks, Calm down!! Its only the first week of the season, and with most team having played 4 or less games its hardly time to go off and do something desperate. I have been reading some of the blogs out there and already its amazing but they are "seeing trends" and using an amazingly short sample size to extrapolate their teams strengths and weaknesses. To that we say, are you nuts!?! Even after a full month one can't make too many for-certain proclamations of trends or feel that a slow or fast start means that your team is going to win the Cup of be a 'Lottery-pick' finisher

2) We see it each and every season. Some team gets off to a lighting fast start and everyone is proclaiming them the favorite, only to fall back to the pack by the holidays. The reverse is also quite true. A team may get off to a dreadful start only to go on a tear and suddenly be right back in the mix. The only interesting stat we have heard (and is probably as useless as any) is that no team going 0-3 to start a season has ever gone on to win the Stanley Cup. Sorry Columbus. LOL Usually over the long haul the proverbial cream will rise to the top. In the mean time folks of those teams getting off to a slow start, Step back From The Ledge!

3) Look for Week 2 of our Saturday picks when 14 games will be decided, and look for an upcoming early trade rumour posting. As always, keep it here for all the latest!

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