Friday, August 26, 2011

Gimmicks or Good Ideas?

1) The 2nd annual "NHL Rules Tweak Week" or as they officially call it, The Research and Development Camp, just completed its work this past week. As is usual the NHL more than any other major sport, tries to re-invent itself through rules changes. Some like the delayed (tag up) off sides are good, while others like the Goalie trapezoid are dumb. The idea behind the exercise here is ostensibly to try out some of these "new ideas" and see how they appear in real time before any of the NHL or AHL seasons commence and GM's can take a look and discuss them with additional information when it comes time to decide to implement some of them.

2) From perusing some of the tested "ideas" most fall under the category of 'Dumb". Such is these 2 moronic proposals: "no line changes for teams committing an offside, and faceoffs in the opposing zone following an offside. What brain surgeon came up with this? More over, aren't the folks who set up these 'Camps' vetting out the really dumb ideas first, or do any suggestions get tested regardless of how ridiculous it is? I mean come on, do they discuss the possible unforeseen circumstances of the rules changes? For instance if teams were 'penalized' for being offside like this proposal(s) would do, what team would EVER try to establish the zone without dumping the puck in first???

3) One of the best proposals is to (Finally!) remove the dumb/inane trapezoid behind the goal. The 'Brodeur rule" as we like to call it has hardly increased offense nor sped up the game. Its just a confusing rule and inhibits a player (goalie) from using his talents. Of course we maintain as always that goalies should not only be allowed to play the puck anywhere in the defensive zone but they should also be 'fair game' for body contact. If you want to inhibit goalies playing the puck make them pay by getting checked and be out of position. Not advocating taking a run or give dirty/cheap shots, but they shouldn't be allowed to play the puck with impunity as they are now. As for the 'no touch icing', we hate it! We like the current system that eliminates the automatic whistle but reduces the big collisions. We don't want college hockey!

4) While most of the 'ideas are how to increase scoring, (yet again), thankfully we haven't seen a return of the 'larger net idea that pervaded a few years ago. Thankfully logic prevailed and goalie equipment was made more realistic thus giving players more net to shoot at. We like the full 2 minute PP. That was the norm until the Canadiens of the 50's got too good. It might not increase scoring by a lot, but it still should be (re) implemented. We're not so sure of the proposal to call 'icing' even when a team is short handed. Certainly that would increase scoring, but as many have written, do we really want to increase PPG's and thus increase the power of the refs to decide games?

5) So to make it simpler for our readers here are first a list of our actual rules changes we're proposing/like, then our 'Faux' list:

Real Ideas:

  1. Eliminate the trapezoid and allow goalie contact outside the crease

  2. Full 2 minute penalty

  3. Eliminate the shoot outs, or make winning in regulation worth more!(WE HATE loser points!)

  4. Allow play to continue when the puck hits off the netting

  5. In net/above goal cams standard in every rink

  6. Eliminate the instigator penalty!

  7. Players fighting with face shield be given extra 2 mins for being a pussy!

Faux Ideas:

  1. Without notice replace goalie water bottles with Vodka. Home team decides on the brand

  2. Leave the injured on the ice- Its a war of attrition, right? Time to make it look like it!

  3. Random use of strobe lighting during the game

  4. After regulation tie, use 2 pucks. Games will NOT be going into a shotout!


oilcanner said...

I agree with the offsides idea but I like the no touch icing. Even Don Cherry is in favour of that rule. Someone is gonna get killed.


1) Oil: We understand your opinion, but feel the current(new rule made last season) works well. We do't recall any/many incidents last season so why change it?
2) We don't like the college automatic icing and don't want the NHL to go down that route

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