Monday, August 15, 2011

Ant-War Nuts Attack Jets!

1) In an example of utter nonsense and absurdity a cabal of anti war groups has attacked the Winnipeg Jets and their use of a logo that in their twisted view: .."the team has attempted to attach itself blatantly and directly to an existing, contemporary arm of the military..." Are you &%$ing kidding me?? So its inflammatory to put a military logo on a uniform of a sports team now? Have the left wing/anti-military nuts gone off the rails? This has to be one the most absurd 'protests' we have ever heard of. Do these people have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives than to get their panties into a knott over the logo on a sports team's uniform?

2) Its not like the Canadian military is giving the Winnipeg franchise money or getting an endorsement with their choice. This Politically Correct (PC) bullshit is getting overwhelming/absolutely absurd now. First teams were forced to change names that might have offended Native Americans/Indians (Except the Washington DC Football team for some reason). The Washington DC basketball team changed their name from the ' Bullets' to Wizards because the 'violent imagery' the previous name supposedly conjured. We're sure the change has resulted in the sharp decline in the DC murder rate, right? Dumb.

3) These idiots believe that tacit support of the brave folks in the various branches of the military is the same as supporting a particular country's foreign/military policies(s). Clearly the Jets logo does not have direct political implications except those who hate all things military. Much like the atheists have been doing in trying to eradicate all symbols/acts to do with religious practices because they might be offended. Give us a freakin break! Showing support for the military does not prevent anyone from opposing foreign policy. You can express respect and appreciation for the military and still feel free to criticize decisions made by politicians regarding the deployment of those troops. Ironically its that same military that is there to preserve/protect that very right to express these opinions, as twisted as they are!

4) Wearing a Winnipeg Jets jersey does not show your preference or opposition to any particular political issue. It merely shows that you’re a hockey fan expressing support for your team. Period! It’s actually very simple and straightforward. AS with many sports teams' the name/logo of a franchise shows relevance to their community. In this case Winnipeg is home of 17-Wing Air Force base. Additionally, Winnipeg has a long and storied connection with the air force. Nothing nefarious here. All that said, in our opinion the Jets would have been best served to bring back the 'vintage' Jets logo. We're not sure why they decided to go with this updated version. Perhaps they couldn't? We're not sure if the Coyotes (the old Jets) still have rights to it? Along those lines will the new Jets honor the old retired Jets such as Bobby Hull, Dale Hawerchuk, etc? Nonetheless, the discussion of the logo should be confined to its aesthetics not the warped interpretations of a vocal minority!


DexTer said...

Some of us aren't nuts as you write but feel strongly that we shouldn't be involved in other country's internal affairs!


1) Dexter, long time no posts. Sorry bud, but an emblam on a professional hockey team in no way promotes Canada's foreign policy.
2) Come on' man, lets be sensible and not knee-jerk in our anti-military reactions please!

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