Monday, June 13, 2011

A Tale Of Two Cities?

1) Yes the Stanley Cup is going the distance. With another convincing win at home tonight the Bruins did their part in giving what many fans wanted, a 7 game Finals. In deference to Charles Dickens the series has indeed been A Tale of Two Cities. Only instead of London and Paris, Boston and Vancouver are the setting for this thrilling true-life novel. Why? Easy. Each city/their respective teams' have played vastly differently depending on the venue.

2) This has especially been true of the Canucks. In the three games in Bean town the Canucks have managed 4 goals and given up 17! Compare that with the three games in Vancouver where they have held the Bruins to a mere 2 goals while scoring 5 for themselves. On the other side the Bruins PP, invisible in Vancouver has scored 4 big PPG's in their 3 home games. If they are to have any shot in Game 7 they will have to bring their 'home' PP back west!

3) However the biggest single issue that undoubtedly will be discussed is the amazing difference in Roberto Luongo from one city to the other. His stats in Vancouver, 3-0 with a .980 save % and GAA under 1.20 are Conn Smythe -worthy stats. Unfortunately for his team his stats on the other side of North America are not as quite as impressive. More to the point he's sucked! (0-3 with a save % below .750!) The questions that seemed about to evaporate after his great performance in Game 5 are back with a vengeance after giving up 3 softies in the opening frame in Game 6. Allowing the Bruins to coast to another home win.

4) So the question will be asked: Where do we go from here? Well certainly Gary Bettman and the NHL have to be elated with how this series has gone. The more games (exposure) the better the league does in all ways. From a competitive standpoint it has been as exciting as could be expected. We still maintain the turning point if Boston holds on, is the Rome hit on Horton in game 3. If not for that we believe we'd be discussing the Canucks parade through the city today and not a game 7. So the questions will be:

  • Will the Bruins PP show up in game 7?

  • Will the real Roberto Luongo please stand up?

  • How badly hurt are Raymond and also Kesler who has been a mere shadow of himself this series

  • Can the Sedins score when the game is on the line?

5) Not that our recent track record is all that impressive but we believe that the Bruins will pull this thing out. They have NOT been intimidated by the atmosphere of Rogers arena, unlike the Canucks in TD Gardens. All 3 games in Vancouver could have gone the other way. Despite his game 5 performance Luongo right now(mentally/confidence wise) is damaged goods. having been pulled twice in a week, Vigneault will likely have a quick hook on his starter if the Bruins again get off to a fast start. On the other side Thomas has yet to have a bad game and if the B's prevail he will undoubtedly be the Conn smythe winner (he might even if they lose a close Game 7). We just like the Bruins' intangibles right now and feel that the 'Mo' is on their side, but it will likely be another nail biter. Lets all enjoy as we head back to 'Terminal City' for the final game of the 2011 season!

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