Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finals Prediction

1) OK so here we are, the Finals. the ultimate playoff series to decide who gets to sip from the silver chalice known as the Stanley Cup!

  • Looking back the semi's were exciting and we were admittedly wrong about the Sharks and especially both Joe Thornton and on the Canucks side, The Sedins. Both upped their game to the next level. For Joes team his efforts and playing with a separated shoulder was not enough, especially with loser players like Dany Heatley stinking up the series. On vacouver not only did the Sedin's whitewash their detractors, but more inportantly, embattled goalie, Roberto Luongo finally won and played well to propel his team to get this far

  • On the other side the Bruins won a close, hard fought series against the best the SE division could offer this season in the Lightning. Ultimately the B's had slightly better, more settled goaltending and won a 7 game nail biting series. Nice job by Guy Bouch, AKA-"Scar" for out coaching his 3 adversaries but not quite enough to get to the next level (this time around) No doubt the Lightning will be back again next season as they appear to be the class of the very weak SE division

2) Now on to tonight's match ups:

      • Can Luongo continue the current ride and not resort to his previous MO of making big stops only to let in a few 'softies"? He better bring his A game else the Canucks will be in trouble

      • Will Claude Julian have a better strategy to stop 'The Twins" than did SJ's coaching staff? Henrik and Daniel seemed to do whatever they pleased, especially with the extra man, against SJ. If Boston wants to win their first cup in 40 years they better!

      • How healthy are Malhotra and Kesler? Certainly the 'Nucks have been able to win without Manny, but we doubt they'd have a shot without Kesler AND Malhotra.

      • Can the Chara and Seidenberg be the 'Shut down masters' they've been so far n the playoffs. Both play big time minutes and undoubtedly will once again. Look for Alain Vigneault to try to get his big line away from the "big 2" as much as possible at GM Palace where he can match lines more easily

      • Will the Bruins PP finally come out of hibernation? This we believe will be the key to the series. If the B's don't get this aspect of their game untracked this could be a short series. If they start to light it up, they actually would have a good shot to win it all

3) So what is the Faux prediction? We believe this will be a reletively short series. We think the canucks are and should be favoured to wi their first Cup. They have been the best team in the NHL from start to finish, and unlike last years President's trophy team, they weren't a mirrage, but the real deal. We believe that even if Boston plays at a high level they still will be unable to win, but merely prolong the series beyond the 5 games we think this series wil likley end with. Yes, we're saying Canucks in 5!

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