Wednesday, June 15, 2011

B's Win Big One!

1) First off congrats to the Bruins players, coaches, management and entire organization for winning their first Stanley Cup in 39 years! We have to be honest/upfront in saying that we at Fauxrumors did not have the Bruins as one of the possible Cup winners going into the post season. We are thoroughly impressed with the job they did, winning 3 game 7's along the way. The final one on the road in a hostile Rogers Arena!

2) We also want to congratulate Claude Julian for being a positive and steadying influence. His job reportedly was on the line this spring and to say the least its a bit more secure today! He especially shown through after the nonsense the Canucks threw at them early on. Namely the Burrows biting incident and subsequent Lapierre taunting to the vicious Rome hit. His leadership quelled any thoughts of retribution and kept the team focused on the job at hand.

3) Speaking of the Canucks' antics; It has to be stated another time that we believe they shot themselves in their feet with these moves. The Rome hit especially will be looked upon as the turning point(as we wrote it possibly could. WE firmly maintain that if this doesn't occur the Canucks win this series in 4 or 5! The Bruins seemed to feed positive off the adversities and crap the Canucks were trying to pull.

4) What can we say about Tim Thomas that hasn't been written elsewhere? He was well deserving of the MVP trophy, having been one of the best players from either team in EVERY game of the series. He was indeed a tank in the Bruins net! On the other side what can be said of the 3 "superstars" on Vancouver? Luongo, and The Sedins. Luongo wasn't the elite goalie some have been professing. Sure, he's an excellent goalie but its the elite ones who step up their games when the money is on the line. Roberto in consecutive games could not propel his team to a win like his counterpart in the opposing crease did. As for the Twins, even had the Canucks won it would have been despite them. They basically were mere passengers in this series. Doing very little and contributing almost nothing. A huge disappointment for the reigning league MVP and the presumed 2010-2011 MVP to both disappear when their team needed them most!

5) So the LONG off season now commences. The first 4 weeks or so will be exciting with the awards ceremony (Look for our picks upcoming) The 2011 NHL entry draft on 6/24 in Minnesota and the associated trades/rumors. Followed by The free agent Open season on July 1st. Usually there is a flurry of activity or the first few weeks, along with Prospect camps, followed by the Dog Days which don't end until Rookie camps open in early September. We have several posts upcoming so as always keep it here for all the latest!

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