Monday, November 2, 2009

TGO = The Greedy One!

1) In yet (another) example of what TGO-Wayne Gretzky has become, the former Coyote coach has threatened to pull out of a scheduled appearance at the Hockey Hall of Fame ceremony scheduled next week (Nov. 9) in Toronto. Evidently from sources close to The Greedy One, Wayne is livid the NHL didn't guarantee he'd get his 'fair share' of the money allocated to unsecured creditors as part of the NHL purchase of the Coyotes. As a source told the press this past weekend, Wayne will have to fight his former co-owner Jerry Moyes to get anything, and at most he'll get 10 cents on the dollar minus legal fees. The ladder is the explanation why last week Gretzky decided to NOT block the sale to the NHL. As a source told us, "Gretzky had about a snowball's chance in hell of winning and it would have cost him tens of thousands to try". So when columnists like Bruce Garrioch and or Larry Brooks state that Gretzky's 'class' is why he didn't block the sale, we say, bull shit!

2) WE take no pleasure in stating what we feel is the obvious concerning the NHL's greatest player, but, in our opinion he already disgraced himself this past September. When his team needed him he disappeared without a trace when the Coyotes arrived in training camp because as we were told, Wayne had no assurances from the NHL that he'd get paid the same (HUGE!) salary from the new owners (NHL) as he had been receiving his previous (losing) seasons as the 'Yotes head coach. So now he's going to take his puck and go home despite having supposed 'friends' like former team mates Brett Hull, Brian Leetch, Luc Robitaille, etc getting inducted. Some friend indeed!! As usual for Gretzky, its all about him!

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