Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week 5 -Results

1) The spooky results from yesterday's Halloween game picks are in. The results were absolutely ghoulish! We went a frightening 5-6 on the night to bring our season long total to 39-28, or a .582 winning %. We even dropped our first 'Lock' as the Pens lost at home to The Wild who were previously winless in 8 tries. That brings that stat to 4-1 on the young season.

2) We will be back at this again next Saturday when a whopping 13 games will be in play. Also FR2 promised that they should have the blog's 2009-2010 inaugural Power rankings out sometime later this week. They tell us they plan to post their Power rankings about 4-5 times this season, or about every 15-20 games. Also we are formulating/finishing up posts on the Quebec City issue and also one about Carolina. A always, keep it here for all the latest!

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