Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday To Us!

1) Though we are away on our annual FAUX vacation, we felt we'd post a Birth Day message to be published while we are away. Its amazing that we have reached this milestone. When we made our first post (inspired by the late summer drivel/rumours of the time) http://newfaux.blogspot.com/2006/08/making-up-shit.html we never in our wildest dreams believed this would become what it has.

2) We especially didn't think we'd still be at this when the dark days when our now vanquished blog enemy hacked and stole the original FAUXRUMORS blog. Though its still used for his sick amusement, its of little consequence to us now. We have long since moved on when we restarted things again in March 2007. In retrospect he did us a favour, as we feel this forced us to improve/upgrade the blog in many ways since then.

3) With over 760+ original FAUX posts and growing to our credit since that first fateful blog entry, and more than 438+ thousand hits (and growing fast) we are proud of what we have grown here the past 3 years. As we were then, (and always will be) we are a totally FREE site/blog. We decline all advertising offers. For one, honestly we don't need the income, but more importantly, we feel that accepting money would be the wrong perception. We don't want to become Eklund. Selling nonsense/made up crap to sad/loser people. We look forward when we return from The South Pacific to begin our Fourth year! Thanks to all of you! As always, keep it here for the latest!

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