Sunday, September 16, 2007

Zero Tolerance!

1) This is an unfortunate, but apparently necessary post to alert a very vocal, yet distinct minority(one person) that this blog will no longer tolerate/entertain the nonsense that you have perpetrated the last month or so.

2) Of course it goes way back beyond that, but we're referring to your (Hockeynutz)'s latest version of yourself, Hawk. Also this pertains to any one else who has a non-hockey related beef with any of us at THE FAUXRUMORS GROUP, LLC. The last few weeks during the dog days of the offseason we were a bit more tolerant of that crap. Now that training camp has opened across the league, its time to resume this blog to what it is intended; the discussion of NHL hockey.

3) If you have a perceived issue with us(other than hockey-related disagreements) The available remedies for you will be:

  • Writing to us directly:

  • Writing your opinions to others who contribute to the list at their e-mail addresses

  • Leave your commentary on this thread. We won't erase any non hockey commentary if its left here. We will periodically remind readers if they forget, that this will be the refuse for their non-hockey related beefs, opinions, etc. If non-hockey related comments are left anywhere else they will be summarily deleted. You are therefore warned now.

  • As before, ANY/ALL hockey-related disagreements are allowed. We have VERY thick skin and are perfectly fine with other points of view. What we will no longer tolerate is the endless inane blathering of the aforementioned minority. Sorry to the other 99.99% of the folks who follow the rules.

4) We are busy finishing up a post on the "Extension Fever' that is gripping the league. Look for it sometime tomorrow! As always, keep it here for the latest!


Hawk said...

Why would I be better off without a profile? I have nothing to hide!


1) Our profile is out there for anyone to read. Amazingly we just looked and we have over 600 views of the profile since only March!
2) Before you hijacked the other blog in February we believe that blog profile was getting close to a 1000 views. Not bad for a blog no one reads, eh?

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