Friday, September 14, 2007

Preseason Predictions

1) Just a note to let our readers know that the annual FAUXRUMORS pre season predictions posts will be coming out sometime next week. Along with the 2 part series (One for each conference) we will go one step further and make an even larger leap ahead, picking our the Cup Finalists as well as our pick to be the eventual Stanley Cup champs in 2008!

2) Will also allow you, the readers to not only weigh in your own opinions after the posts, but we plan to also include a poll so you can vote on who you believe will be the winner.

3) Things are just starting folks. Training camps across the NHL are NOW open!!! Hallelujah! As always keep it here for the latest.


Lloyd said...

Looking forward to seeing how your predictions compare to others. It seems no one gives my team a chance. I think with Manny in net we have as good a chance as anyone to win the NE division

Zulu as Kono said...

Aint no way anyones gonna beat my Ducks again this year! Don't mater if we lost a coupla guys. The young guys are ready to step things up but good! Lets bring em on!


Not for nothing hawk but we all already know what you want and what ur askin and all. man, just give it a rest already! Its gotten old, and I'm sure I'm not the only one thinks so.

Hawk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Dark Ranger said...


Stop it. Everyone does this for the love of the game and no one is making money on it. Chill.

If Faux is a fraud, then who cares - it's a fun blog with pretty damn good insights and opinions. I don't think he's a fraud and I don't need anyone to convince me of that. If he creates names and no one is really reading, then that means 'you & I' keep coming back as his core commentees.

Come made a point. Find another blog to harrass.


The Dark Ranger


1) Geez we thought things would be quietthis evening as they had most of the day.
2) Sadly, we were wrong, with repeating nonsensical posts/rants(now all deleted as promised long ago)
3) Thanks for the kind words Dark. Like Vlad before ya we know the vast majority understand what we're all about and come here to enjoy the blog/contribute constructively.

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