Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Silliness out of Montreal, etc.

1) The link is provided, but if your not a French speaker, we will aid in its translation. Leave it to the French Montreal media to conjure up a controversy where none existed before. Fresh off their inane Shane Doan witch hunt the Quebec media, with little to write about until camp opens, came up with this doozy: Evidently Danielle Briere decided to not to go to Montreal because Hab's GM, Bob Gainey would not promise him he would play on the first line with Higgins and Ryder. Gainey insisted that Saku would remain the team's first line center. Brière went to Philly where they said he could 'play with who he wants.'

2) Of course that's total Barbara Streisand(BS). Anyone who has been reading our blog the past few months already know why Danielle decided to play in Philly. He wanted to get away from the exact media clowns/circus as well as the scrutiny that being a Francophone player in Montreal brings. Not to mention the absurd tax rates, but the atmosphere in Quebec was the primary reason we're told that the Gatineau native decided to stay away from there. At least its never boring up there! LOL

3) Once this non-story dies down we're sure the Vinny Lecavalier stories/rumors will commence. Of course Vinny will be heading to Quebec at some point. Where else would he want to go, right? That and the inevitable resumption of Peter Forsberg rumors. We're sure by mid season if the Swede hasn't yet signed, he'll have been rumored to be going to all 6 teams up north at some point.

4) Speaking of idiocy and media. Our pal Stan(The Maven) Fischler, via Ron Spence has this Whopper. Apparently "Hockey Isn't Canada's Sport". Why? Well because in the last 40 years 11 states have won a Cup while 'only' 3 provinces in Canada have hoisted it. As we wrote directly to Stan, that has to be one of the most silly explanations as to why "Hockey Isn't Canada's Sport".

5) Not to mention the fact that Canada has far fewer provinces than the US has states, its inane when you see how many Cups Canada has won in just 2 cities since the 1920s. All in all Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary may ONLY represent 3 provinces, but they have combined for a whopping 40+ Cups. One could also argue (successfully) that almost every team that has won from a US location has been made up of a majority of Canadian born players! Why don't you ask the Russians junior players who they feel about Canada's hockey prowess?



Shit faux, you almost made me puke up my breakfast with that picture of babs. You should have a warning for us before posting a picture of that ugly biatch
Fischler is a clown pure and simple. No one takes him seriously.

Sauce said...

I think vlad is being a bit harsh in his evaluation of Fischler. He's not exactly a hockey 'Einstein', but he's got some occasionally interesting commentary.

BUT, I do recall reading Stan's claim regarding the states versus the provinces. So stupid that I thought it was toungue-in-cheek. I guess not.


1) We (obviously) aren't big Fischler fans, but we realize that many times he makes statements just to make waves. Purposely making outrageous predictions or claims. Its his shtick as they say.
2) He's been around for what seems forever, so we take what he says with a grain of salt, but sometimes enjoy it for entertainment purposes
3) Sorry about the pic Vlad! We too were a bit nauseous writing the post and including that picture of BS.


A guy who purposely is trying to make outlandish statements is a clown in my book. I only see him when some jersey games are on Center Ice and he almost never says anything intelligent about anything.


1) Nice try there Hawk/Shuck/Hockeynutz. We were wondering how long it would take till you reemerged from your hole. LOL
2) Vlad: Stan may in fact be a clown, but so are quite a few other hockey analysts these days. Barry Melrose and his silly hair/beard. Don Cherry and his jingoistic rants. The entire Versus panel!

Hawk said...
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