Thursday, September 13, 2007

Strumpet Back At It?

1) We came across this funny story from one of our fellow bloggers, Jes Gőlbez over at 'Hockey Rants'. Evidently our favourite whipping boy, Alexei Ya$hin has some relationship problems. According to the NY POST Ya$hin's long time girlfriend, aging (47) model Carol Alt was seen hanging with Swedish Ranger star goalie Henrik Lundqvist.

2) To refresh the memories of some of us not up to speed with Carol's past exploits. WAYYYYY back in the early 1980's, when she was still a super model she hooked up and married Ranger defensemen Ron Greschner. They stayed together right up until Ron retired. Then, apparently Carol didn't want to retreat back to Goodsoil, SASK to live once hockey was over so she found a new beau hockey player, the aforementioned Alexei Ya$hin. He was 19 years younger than Greshner, and apparently more importantly, still playing in the NHL.

3) Which leads us to now. After the Islander's buy=out of the oft(deserved) maligned, and over paid center, there were few offers that Ya$hin felt were worthy of his talent, so he flew back to Russia for a real pay cheque. Surprising (to some) Ms. Alt did NOT follow her long time boy friend over the pond, but instead stayed in the states. Which seemed reasonable. Many couples have long distance working relationships. Reasonable, until this story broke.

4) Evidently, and we don't have confirmation from other sources yet, but Carol has taken a liking to yet another hockey player, Henrik Lundqvist. Some may recall our exclusive 'outing of Henrik's sometimes reckless partying habits last fall. Well, the 25 year old Swede must have been intoxicated to go after the geriatric hockey harlot. As we wrote on the Rant blog She's 47 for Christ's sakes! Does Lundqvist have some unresolved Oedipus issues that the Rangers may want to address? It was creepy enough to see her with Ya$hin. If this is true it would be down right nauseating. She was once incredibly hot, but nowadays how could a young, rich hockey player want this??:


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Sauce said...

Who says that 47 can't be 'HOT' (of course, no one would ever go for your picture of Phyllis)?

As an original Islander fan, I can only hope that Carol does her part and hits the gym hard and keeps her scheduled appointments with the plastic surgeon.

vakfan said...

I actually expected some oedipus/old bike related comments here...


1) Sorry to disappoint ya there Vkfan. We figured since we couldn't do a better job than you did yesterday over on the Rants blog with your very funny double entendre filled response, we wouldn't try. LOL
2) Hawk: As we're sure all our regular readers already know your allegations. We have answered all your questions. If you didn't like the responses, then tough. If you have something new to post, feel free, it won't be deleted, but if you simply recite the same old nonsense, it WILL be removed promptly

DexTer said...

Faux, thought you'd find this hillarious. Today your buddy hockeynutz put out a post about hockey players who have been involved in drunk driving, etc. Problem is, the exact article, almost word for word was written by someone else 2+ years ago LOL
I invite folks to go to his blog and complain.
Hawk, if what Faux says is wrong about you and you aren't hockeynutz, then I'm sure this kind of overt act of plagerism is right down your alley!
We already notified the original author and the web site that the articl was stolen from. This should be fun to watch. LOL

HockeyNutz said...

Thanks to the heads up from a reader about the above comment from Dexter - Here is my reply posted on my blog:

Thanks FauxDexter!

But you are wrong. The only similarity between the two articles would be the list of NHL players convicted of impaired driving. I am not sure how I would change that at all? The facts are the facts.

You will notice that my list is far more complete than the list you mention:

1. Bob Gassoff - on my list not the other.

2. Alexei Zhamnov - on my list not the other

3. Jay B. - on my list not the other

4. Mark Bell - on my list not the other.

Sure there are similarities. How wouldn't there be. That part of the article is FACTUAL. Unlike other bloggers, I dont change or make up facts. Just report them.

The remainder of the blog post is commentary from myself, not copied from anywhere else.

In fact, if you delete the factual list of players from the post you will find there are more words of commentary then there are of listed players.

I stand by my article 100%. The source of my list was generated from Wikipedia if anyone is really that interested. But then that wouldn't make a good story now would it faux, er I mean Dexter!

Once again I thank you for visiting my site Faux, er I mean Dexter! Unfortunately you picked the one person who comments on my blog that I know personally in non-internet life!

But all fun just the same!

I normally do not feel the need to defend myself to this blog I have chosen to this time as the allegations are hilarious and completely false!

As faux said, head over to:

and read my post, read the one faux, er I mean Dexter refers to in the comments section and decide for yourself. I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of!


1) We haven't reviewed either article Dexter. Its irrelevant. It only (obviously) will goad this character into more nonsense. As our article was mostly humorous we've allowed the post article discussion a bit of lee-way
2) The only interesting thing is how similar the writing styles of hawk and hockeynutz are. LOL Plagiarism is a difficult thing to prove, so we doubt much will be done about it, though it does sound like at least Nutz should have given credit for where he got his facts.

Antzmarching said...

For your info Hawk, THIS man is the reigning Roy de Espana:
Juan Carlos I (baptized as Juan Carlos Alfonso Víctor María de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Sicilias)

With regard to Mrs. Yashin and her paphian like activities, she is prone toward the young, hot star of the league... She may be moving away from the "Albatross" and toward the KING OF MSG, but as Faux said, this is more humorous than anything...

Also, this rumor is not FAUX - I have seen this blip in the NY Post with my own two eyes...

Antzmarching said...

Faux, are you implying that Phyllis Diller ISN'T attractive?


1) Well the term attractive is very subjective. Perhaps compared to BS some might say she is. LOL
2) As for Ms. Alt/Greschner/Yashin/Lundqvist, etc, she isn't bad for a person in her late 40's. As Sauce alludes, we're sure a few tips/tucks have been performed over the years. Still per form is still well above the average for women her age
3) Despite this, she is still 22 years older than Henrik. To put it in better perspective, when he's a spry 40 yr old, she'll be eligible for social security! LOL
4) Add to that the almost relay race approach she has to dating hockey players,(acquiring one just as she dispose of one) makes it very creepy

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