Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Single Elimination Game??

1) Tonight is a pivotal game between the struggling NY Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers.  Both teams are a piss-poor 4-5-1 in their past 10. The Rangers have a tenuous hold on the 8th and final playoff spot in The Eastern Conference, with DC, Carolina, and Islanders all within a win from taking that spot over from the Blue Shirts. On the other hand it gets even worse from a Flyer's perspective. Team Orange is 13th in the Conference, 5 points from 8th and a mere 4 from 15th!  Not where most, including Fauxrumors expected them to be. Both teams for that matter are NOT where we would have expected them to be this late (2/3) thru the 2013 season.

2) As for our 'single elimination' title. In our opinion, and according to multiple sources the losing coach tonight might be looking for work come Wednesday morning. We have already listed both coaches as being on thin ice with our post last week other-shoe.  Since that post 'Scar', Guy Boucher has been let go. Its only a matter of time before additional members of that list are joining him. Ironically, we wouldn't at all be surprised to see one of tonight's losers get that job in TB. Tortorella has roots in Tampa as the coach of their one Stanley Cup in 2004.  While things were never cozy between he and captain Vinny Lacavalier, Steve Yzerman wouldn't let those old wounds prevent him from bringing in a proven winner in 'Torts'.

3) Likewise if its Laviolete that is first to see his walking papers, it also wouldn't shock us to see Yzerman reach out to the coach who won the Hurricanes only Cup in 2006.  His resume, like Tortorella is as good as any one available right now.(Please don't give us the Lindy Ruff crap- He was always one of the most over rated coaches in the NHL)  Both are 1 and 2 respectively all time winningest US born NHL coaches.  While both Massachusetts natives can, and are abrasive with players and media alike, there is no denying that they bring something to the table that will continue to be in demand even if one is eventually let go, as soon as later tonight/tomorrow!  Stay tuned!

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