Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Other Shoe?

1) The 'other shoe' I'm alluding to is who will get canned next?  Lindy Ruff got fired a month or so ago, and it would seem that a couple of others are on the precipice of being let go very soon if their teams' fortunes don't take an immediate turn for the better.  Here are a short list of whom we feel are at most risk of looking for employment very soon.

  • Peter Laviolette: rarely do the Flyers put up very long with losing. Despite having won a Cup(with Carolina) and having a winning record as a Flyers coach, the Flyer brass we're told is VERY unhappy with how the team is playing despite their injuries. They have a bit of a layoff this week, so an announcement today or tomorrow wouldn't shock me.
  • Todd McLellan: Hired on June 11, 2008, the Sharks head coach is on very thin ice we're told. If the team continues to slide he will be given his walking papers BEFORE the season is out!

    Paul Holmgren: See above.  If the Flyers fail to make the post season Mr Snider might let go the architect of the roster. He made some bold trades of Carter/Richards, etc, but thus far they haven't paid off while Carter/Richards' names are engraved on the Cup.
  • Bob Hartley: Although Bob is well respected, the southern Alberta franchise isn't happy with being a bottom feeder. Is Hartley to blame for the crappy, old roster? No, but some one has to take the fall
  • John Tortorella: 'Torts' was as safe as any coach coming into this season, but shocker, the acquisition of Nash has disrupted the team chemistry(as we predicted) and the team surprisingly(even to us) could miss the post season. If they fail to qualify John's head would certainly be on the block.  If they continue their current swoon of sub .500 hockey he could find himself gone and replaced by Jim Schoenfeld sooner rather than later!
  • Ralph Krueger: Some folks in the East are probably saying, who?  He's the relatively new Oilers head coach.  The folks in Edmonton are done with bottom 5 finishes so another one this year when finally there are expectations, and Ralph will be 'one and done'!
  • Guy Boucher: "Scar" is in trouble despite what some are saying about Yzerman's patience. Its THIN, and if the Lightning don't start to improve and get into the top 8 soon, the team will be looking for a replacement 

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