Friday, February 8, 2013

No Clue?!


1) We read with fascination the Forbes list of 10 most hated athletes. Here's the link  So we were very interested when we heard that SI had compiled a list of the NHLs 'Most hated Players' .  We perused the list compiled by Allan Muir and having made our own similar list a few times over the years( were amazed how ridiculous/clueless some on his list were.  Admittedly there were some players on his and my list. Specifically, Ott, Carcillo and Tootoo, but others had me scratching my head wondering is Muir had seen any hockey the past 5+ years?

2) The players that were inexplicably placed there were Mike Ribeiro and PK Subban.  According to Muir, Ribiero made the list for 'whining' and especially after a specific episode that he feigned an injury. Problem is that took place 9 years ago!! Are you kidding me?  If the guy was a perennial "flopper", like others we have mentioned in the past, crosby-cries-wolf.  we could understand the reference, but we don't recall any recent (last 3 years) of Mike being involved with anything similar. To say it was a stretch to place him on the list is really NOT a stretch! 

3) As for Subban, we were amazed to see him there.  He's only been in the league a couple of years and aside from playing hard, we don't recall any recent run ins with league officials/suspensions.  So why did Muir place the African-Canadien on the list? Because of his recent contract issue AND his "flashy personality".  Sorry, we're not into 'code words' but there is no doubt that there's hint of racism here.  As for the contract issue, players don't get angry with team mates for trying to get all they can.  They all know the business side of things.  Its not like PK was pulling a Yashin; refusing to pay with a valid contract. Subban was a free agent! Why would Subban be treated differently than any other player who is a RFA w/o a deal?  Yes, we have to go back to his race.

4) So in place of those 2, or even Marchand or Burrows, how about Chris Neal,  Matt Cooke, or Dion Phaneuf? If Whining is a prerequisite, where is the aforementioned Crosby? We're unsure if Muir's opinions were all his or he didn't do his homework properly?  Perhaps we were expecting too much from a famous publication regardless that its an online article?  AS for our list, we probably will not publish an updated version until sometime next fall. 
Look for our Week 4 Picks tomorrow, and out soon we'll discuss the DC Capitals and the possibility of moving 2 time Hart Trophy winner, Alex Ovechkin!  As always,keep it here for all the latest!

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