Friday, February 15, 2013

OOps, He Did It Again!?!

1) With respects to Brittany Spear, its not the (former-?) female singer/entertainer/strumpet we're alluding to, but our old friend Matt Cooke. Of course most are familiar with his "exploits".  During his NHL career Cooke has been suspended for several much-criticized hits, some involving head-shots that injured opposing players, most notably ending Marc Savard's career in 2010. Cooke was probably an important factor influencing NHL rule changes intended to deter such hideous conduct.

2) To refresh memories here is a brief  "rap sheet" on 'Cookie'
  •  November 2008  he received a two game suspension for a check to the head of NY Ranger's Artem Anisimov.
  • 11/29/08 – Matt Cooke blind-sides Zach Parise into the bench. He chose to still hit him even though the bench door was open
  • In January 2009, he received another two game suspension for a hit to the head of Scott Walker.
  • 3/16/09 – Matt Cooke’s knee-on-knee hit on Zach Bogosian. Bogosian left the game in the 2nd period and did not return
  • 05/18/09 – Matt Cooke’s knee-on-knee hit on Erik Cole. In Game One of the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals, the Hurricanes lost Erik Cole midway through the third period.  Matt Cooke caught him knee-on-knee in front of the Pittsburgh net. Cole managed to play only one shift after the hit.
  • 02/06/10 – Matt Cooke cross-checks Andrei Markov in the back from behind.
  •  March 7, 2010, in a game against the Boston Bruins Cooke delivered a blow to the head of Boston's Marc Savard, causing a concussion and Savard to miss almost two months. ( No suspension given!)
  • 11/26/10 – Matt Cooke drives Erik Karlsson’s head into the boards. (Remeber that name!)Cooke drives Karlsson’s head into the boards and knocks him out
  • 12/21/2010 – Matt Cooke elbows Coyotes deender, Keith Yandle in the head
  • 12/28/2010 – Matt Cooke elbows Evander Kane in the head. Here is what should happento Cooke after he tries this shit!----->
  • 02/04/11 – Matt Cooke cheap-shots Buffalo's Steve Montador. In this incident, Cooke does a few gutless things. First, he cross-checks Jordan Leopold from behind after Leopold takes down one of his teammates. Next, after Steve Montador engages him, Cooke lands an overhand right punch to an unsuspecting Montador after the linesmen separate the two.
  • 02/06/2011 – Matt Cooke’s knee-on-knee hit on Alex Ovechkin. OV not injured, but pissed
  • February 9, 2011, Cooke was given a four-game suspension for a hit from behind on Blue Jackets' defenseman Fedor Tyutin
  • March 21,2011 Cooke was suspended for the final ten games of the Penguins regular season schedule as well as the first round of the playoffs stemming from an elbow to the head of New York Rangers defenseman Ryan McDonagh

  •  3) Yes, after the last suspension it appeared that Cooke had indeed 'learned his lesson' and 'changed his ways', etc. However, we all know leopards don't change their spots.  The hit to Karlsson (seen here ) was no accident as many would like to argue. Although we admit no one can know what was in Cooke's mind at the time, we feel the preponderance of evidence and past wrong doings show a clear pattern.  No F-ing way does a player lift his boot and on to the back heel of another on such plays.  An accident with 99.99% of other NHL players. Cooke has "earned" NOT getting the benefit of the doubt. And if he wasn't intending to injure Karlsson, then screw you for attempting/succedding on injure so mnay others in your shit career!

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