Tuesday, September 18, 2012

'The Right Of Return' ??

1) The Right of Return we're referring to here is the age old issue the Israeli's and Palestinians have never been able to over come to solve their differences. In a nut shell, the Palestinians believe that ALL refugees scattered throughout the world have the right to return to their former homeland (Palestine/Israel). Since this would mean literally tens of millions of Arab immigrants it would essentially cause the Jewish population in The Jewish State to be a minority, and cease to exist. Thus the dead lock.

2) I'm sure most are asking; Why Faux are you giving us a history lesson on a hockey blog? Simply it relates to the biggest impasse preventing the 2 sides from being able to solve the current NHL CBA issue.  Like the Middle East issue above, the constant elephant in the room is the request of the owners to scale back the existing contracts of the players. Understandably the players, who gave in on that last time and accepted an across the board 24% roll back, are not going to be amenable to that this time.  Thus "the immovable object meets the irresistible force".  Players correctly are stating that the owners need to live up to their legally negotiated and agreed upon contracts.

3) I believe from talking with folks who are 'in the know' that if the owners 'grandfathered' existing contracts, altered/increased the revenue sharing to assist the needy clubs, the players would likely accept a CBA where they shared 50% of the revenue with the owners. I detect a strong opposition/a resoluteness I didn't see last time around. They (players) feel they gave in last time and are unwilling to bare all the sacrifice once again. Once again folks, dispense with the class war fare nonsense with regard to the players salaries.

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