Monday, April 16, 2012

Penguins Embarassing Themselves!

1) After watching yet another implosion by the Pittsburgh Penguins yesterday I felt the need to discuss their organization. If yesterday's incident(s) were isolated to one game we wouldn't see the need to bring this up, but there seems to be a pattern/consensus developing with regard to the team, its fans and organization as a whole. That is they feel 'entitled,' 'arrogant', are 'cry babies', 'divers' and in general 'punks'. Recently we have had several public statements made by folks with regard to the Penguins. John Tortorella's recent rant Also Mike Milbury had this to say regarding the Pens, and their super star Sidney Crosby:" He's not the perfect gentleman. He's not the sweet kid you see in interviews with his hat pulled down over his eyes. I'd say screw him, hit him."

2) Of course Milbury, an NBC analyst/employee, was forced to recant those statements. (The heat was put on the network from the NHL!) Privately Milbury is still telling close friends that his views concerning Crosby and the Penguins are unchanged. If anything they are solidified. Yesterday's display vindifies his statement. Tortorellas comments caused him to receive a $20,000 fine! Pretty excessive since he didn't use any "colorful language and didn't say anything against the league or the officiating. We're told the NHL/Bettman hates it when their face(Crosby) is defamed in anyway.

3) Fast forward to yesterday. Another game against the Flyers and another situation where Crosby helped instigate several fracases Additionally, team mates James Neal (twice) and Arron Asham could have caused serious injury with their reckless "hits" to Schenn, Giroux, and Couturier. One NHL exec told us that "if Neil doesn't get 10 games the Shanahan discipline system will be looked upon as a joke and you'll see more teams institute their own vigilante justice". WE have to agree. On both occasions Neal went after his opponents heads and left his feet" launching himself" with ill intent. Classic definitions that have been used this season to suspend other players

4) What we at Fauxrumors are asking ourselves: Is this the same Pittsburgh organization that was so offended and sanctimonious over the Islander penalty-filled game last year? Where is Mario Lemieux's outrage today? This club was exposed for what they are on national TV. A collection of arrogant, cry baby punks! All the folks speaking out against this team the last few weeks were apparently proven right and we won't be disappointed to see them go down in flames as soon as possible!


Ron said...

I love your blof faux, but I think this was an unfair post. yes Neal and Asham might have crossed the line, but the Flyers haven't been blameless either. Schenn's hit before Asham got him was a charge and deserved 5 minutes too. Hartnell is a punk himself!


1) Thanks for the love Ron. FR2 never pulls his punches. Yes, I agree with you that he might have been a tad harsh, but you have to admit his opinion is hardly out of left field

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