Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Divisional Quarter Finals- Predictions

1) Yes, its our favourite time of the year, NHL playoffs. When unarguably the most exciting team sports action takes place over the next 60 or so days. We will go through each of the 8 opening round series. Predict the winner and the number of games it may take to achieve the results as well as discuss some of the factors that resulted in our prediction.

First The East:

(1) NY Rangers- VS- (8) Ottawa Senators: Both teams come into the series on a bit of a skid. The Rangers ended the season with 2 losses while the Sens only won 4 of their final 10. The Senators won 3 of the 4 games during the season and appear to match up well against the Blueshirts. Can Erik Karlsson withstand the bulls-eye that will sure be on his back? Can Lundquist finally play in the post season as well as the regular season? We don't feel the Senators can score enough to beat the rangers 4 times. Rangers in 5

(2) Boston Bruins-VS- (7) Washington Capitals: The Bruins get the first round bye this season. By getting the Capitals the Bruins play a physically inferior team as well as one that is psychologically as fragile as they come. Just dump and make them chase and they will eventually get frustrated. Braden Holtby s still too inexperienced to be a reliable NHL starter, although he could steal a game. However in the end we don't think the B's will have too much trouble handling the Caps, Bruins in 5

(3) Florida Panthers-VS (6) NJ Devils. Virtually no one (including us) picked the Panthers to make the playoffs for the first time since 2000, let alone win their first Southeast Division title. Pete DeBoer on the other side has a chance to show his previous employers their mistake in letting him go. His counterpart, Kevin Dineen, is in his first NHL season has done a great job defining the Panthers' identity after a summer that saw a massive turnover in personnel. The Panthers come into the playoffs playing poorly defensively, and their goaltending is probably the weakest of all the playoff teams and will be exploited. Devils in 5

(4) Pittsburgh Penguins-VS- (5) Philadelphia Flyers: The premiere series of all the 8 first round match ups. Too many sub plot lines to list them all here, but suffice to say it will be anything but dull hockey in the Keystone state. Too bad its only the first round. Neither team lacks scoring and toughness, but we feel that the Pens have superior depth where it counts and should come out on top, albeit quite battered and bruised. Penguins in 7

Next The West:

(1) Vancouver Canucks-VS- LA Kings: We feel THIS will be the best series to watch in the West! It won't be the classic 1 vs 8 matchup. The teams split their 4 games this year. Questions for both teams with regard to health, as both Daniel Sedin and Jeff Carter are not 100%. The Kings have been goal starved much of the season, but seem to have found their offensive stride in the final quarter. Jon Quick has had a Vezina calibre season, while in Vancouver the Luongo-Schneider drama (in the press at least) continues. Roberto will be the starter, but if he falters how will the team react to the inevitable controversy? Ultimately the superior Canuck depth will prevail, although not easily. Canucks in 7

(2) St. Louis-VS- (7)San Jose: Battle of the Saints! The amazing turn around in the Gateway City culminated with a solid 2nd seed. The Sharks on the other hand struggled all season to find consistency and if not for a late season surge would be playing golf right now. Overall despite their recent success we feel that the Blues defense first approach will frustrate the Sharks and they will lose their composure and allow odd man opportunities for St. Louis to exploit; making for a relatively short series. Blues in 5

(3)Phoenix Coyotes -VS-(6) Chicago Black Hawks:The Black hawks may be a lower seed but they had 101 points and finished the season with only 1 regulation loss in their last 10. If they get back Jon Towes they will be even more formidable. However, the Yotes appear to have the edge in net where Mike Smith had a career year. Can he continue his stellar play in the post season? If so an upset could be possible. Yes, we would see the Yotes beating the Hawks as an upset regardless of seeding. However we don't think it will happen. Ultimately the Chicago superior experience and depth will win out. Black Hawks in 6

(4) Nashville Predators-VS (5) Detroit RedWings: What many will point to as the Marquis series of the first round in the West. We do not see it this way. Detroit just has too many questions as well as advanced age. Nashville finally has some scoring to go along with its stingy/tough defense and superior goaltending. We don't think the Predators will have a tough time with the Wings and will advance to the second round for the first time in franchise history. Predators in 5


Mr. Spock said...

I realize its not a popular pick but I think Ottawa will surprise the rangers with their speed. I like you other picks in the east. Out west I like the redwings to get to the finals

blaine said...

I think you have to go with the Bruins to go all the way again. Probably beating the Canucks again

chompsey said...

Devils in the East. Preds in the West! NJ wins the Cup!!

PowerPuff said...

I sending my love to my Coyotes!! In Mike Smith we trust! I love being the underdog.
Mr Doan, come get your Stanley Cup!


shuck-a-luck said...

Thank you Spock. A lot are forgetting about my Wings. This is probably a good thing. We're as good as any other team out west.

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) Spock: You may be right but i stick by my prediction. Rangers defense will frustrate the Sens forwards
2) Bruins wil be tough, especially since they'll probably play the pens in te 2nd round after they have an easy win over the caps and the pens survive WW3 with philly
3) Chompsey: Your prediction would be a gary Bettman nightmare!! LOL(so maybe I'll root for it)
4) Power: i love your strong fanatisism for your coyotes. If they had more fans like you they wouldn' be moving after this season
5)Shuck: Wings are old, battered and ripe to be picked off early! No way do they survive 3 rounds

Duncan N. Komani said...

How about the way my flyers came back last night!

La Grenouille said...

Anyone but vacouver!

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