Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 25 Results

1) The second to last Saturday is complete. Finally we had a day we have been looking for since the start of the season. For the day/night we went an impressive 10-2 to bring our season long totals to 169-126, or a .573 winning %. Oddly, even with a massive winning day we managed to get our Lock of The week wrong for only the 5th time. Amazingly the 30th ranked team in the NHL went on the road into the toughest barn in the NHL to win (St. Louis) and managed to upend the Blues last night rather easily, 5-2. Only the Blues 5th regulation loss at home this season! (One of the reasons we recommend to NEVER actually gamble money on any sport!!!)

2) Anyway we are looking forward to the last week of the season. FR2 states that he may produce a late season Power rankings. other posts are also in the works.
As always keep it here for all the latest!

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