Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week 19 Results

1) Week 19 is in the books. Firstly we have to mention that we were wrong about yesterday. Saturday was NOT that silly Hockey day in America", that would be today when NBC is portraying the day as a celebration of Hockey in the states. As we wrote its hardly a sport embraced by most of the country. To be clear its MY favourite sport, but its clearly a regional sport. Albeit a strong passionate regional following, but it will never rival any of the other 3 major team sports, so as such calling it Hockey day in America is a clear stretch!

2) For the day we had an impressive 7-1 record for the day/evening to elevate our season long record to 133-97, or a .578 winning %. We also continued our 'Lock" mastery to bring that stat to an amazing 16-3. We will be back at it next Saturday when a full 11 games will be played. Also its the final week prior to the Trade Deadline. Contrary to conventional wisdom I think from talking with folks that it will be a busy period indeed. Look for some of our discussion and relate rumours that we hear.
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