Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week 19 Picks

1) Its "Hockey Day in America". Well, its Week 19 of the NHL season anyway. We don't buy into the TV-contrived attempt to make it sound like the US is going to be all about ice hockey today. Sorry as much as we like the NHL, etc, Hockey day in America can NOT compete with "Hockey Day in Canada", when the country IS truly all about the game which bleeds from the pores of its citizens. Anyway enough of our soap box and on to the picks. Its a bit of an abbreviated schedule for a saturday with a mere 8 games up for grabs today/night. We bring in a 126-96 record, or a .568 winning percentage into the day:

Pittsburgh at Philadelphia: Penguins

Chicago at Columbus: Black Hawks

Minnesota at St. Louis: Blues

Carolina at NY Islanders: Islanders (Lock of the Week)

Washington at Tampa Bay:Lightning

Toronto at Vancouver: Canucks

Dallas at Phoenix: Coyotes

Calgary at Los Angeles: Kings

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