Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dead line Day to Be Snooze-fest??

1) Many around the NHL are already saying that the usually much anticipated/hyped NHL Trade Deadline may in actuality be a "snooze fest" this season. That seems to be the story where ever we call/talk with NHL execs who would seem to be "in the know". They site the recent trend of teams locking up their impending UFA's before the trade deadline thus reducing the number of easily moveable assets. We saw that in recent moves including: Carolina signing Gleason, Isles signing Neilson, Edmonton signing Sutton and Columbus resigning Vinny Prospal.

2) We saw a similar flurry last season as well as teams locked up their players to prevent them from becoming UFA's and possibly see their prices go up in July. Its good business for all sides as the player also gets stability knowing he is gong to stay put now, and know where he will be next season as well. All that said we do believe we will still see a bevy of important deals made between today and 2/27/12 3:00 pm (Eastern). We believe we could start to see some of those moves begin as early as later today as we're told that the Caps are almost assuredly going to move Mike Knuble to a Western Conference team "very shortly".

3) Some non UFA's could also be finding themselves part of deadline deals. As we have maintained for months, Howson is peddling Rick Nash. We wrote on January 9th when Howson fired Arniel that "Nash would be dealt at the deadline." WE believe a block buster of Nash for LA Kings Drew Doughty is highly possible. We confirmed those talks with a 'person on the inside' that indeed things are heating up. Howson would like to make it a bigger deal offering to swap mason for LA back up Bernier and Vermette for Dustin Penner. It could be a huge deal one scout tells us, but something WILL happen, and its likely to be a complete revamping in Columbus by the end of this month. We will relay other rumors as we receive them folks.

What is certain to us at Fauxrumors this deadline will be ANYTHING but a snooze-fest and could infact turn out to be quite interesting indeed! As always, keep it here for all the latest!

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