Monday, June 29, 2009

See, We Told Ya So!

1) Thanks to our founder Fauxrumors for allowing us to be the first to make a post draft post. Of course they had few options as we were far more accurate with our pre draft assessment. ; ) Yes, our sources were by and large the most accurate of any we read prior to the 2009 Entry draft. Almost every hockey pundant, and the usual rumour whores (Eklund, et al) were citing multiple sources about this block buster and that, but in the end things turned out just about as WE had expected. IE: NO TRADES involving the top 10 slots! Minimal block busters, and NO moves involving Lecalvier. Only Chris Pronger (an UFA after the season) was moved due to Niedermayer stating he would return was a trade of any significant current NHL-er.

2) We didn't count the Bowmeester-Leopold UFA swap that also netted Florida a 3rd rounder for the opportunity to talk with Jay's agent before Wednesday's UFA staus kicking in. bit steep for that, but not an Earth shattering move. it did NOT become 'the first domino', as Eklund wanted his poor sap paying customers to believe. In fact if we were one of those folks we'd be clamouring for a refund this morning. Where was the Kessel trade? What happened to Heatley? What about all those Lecalvier suitors, especially the home town Habitants? Surely we should have seen one of the big stars change addresses by yesterday, no?

3) Fact is, GM's felt so strongly about this years draft class that the aking prices were 'exorbitant' to move up. Brian Burke could have taken Tampa's 2nd pick, but as he told anyone with a microphone, he wouldn't give up last year's # 5 pick, Luke Schenn(the apparent asking price to start, from the Lightning. Also we have previously mentioned in our why the other stars didn't/wouldn't get moved this weekend. It might not sell subscriptions to say this, but we are NOT here for the money( We have enough to last a few life times, thanks LOL) therefore we have MORE objectivity than these other sites. To all those other bull shit sites: Shut the Fuck up!



1) Wow, FR2 way to get everyone's attention! LOL We have to say that we were impressed with your pre draft post.
2) Not that we had a plethora of deals being consumated, but we did expect more movement than what we saw. As you wrote, you were quite exclusive in that regard!
Great job as always FR2!

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) Thanks! We call em the way we see em'
2) As we're sure you're hearing too today, we might see some of those rumoured deals wait until the weekend after some of the big named UFA's get re-signed!

Silas said...

So Burke was or wasn't full of crap in his predraft blather of moving up to get Tavares?
So what happens next?

Duncan N. Komani said...

I am very very excited to get pronger. I think this is missing ingredient to get back to the Final next year. If Ray Ray play like he did in ottawa we have good enough team to win it all


1) This isn't our posting but we'll answer as best we can anyway
Silas: yes, Burke was throwing crap out there knowing full well that he wouldn't have a shot at one of the top 3 slots UNLESS he allowed Schenn to be made available.
2) Duncan: We like the pronger deal for both sides. the Flyers gave up a lot(the equivalent to 3 1st rounders and Lupul) The Ducks lost an irreplaceable member to their backline. They will miss him. We are NOT as happy with Emery as your team's #1 goalie as you are, but time will tell

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